You know what? Some of you ladies are a trip! Yes, you are! Ok, follow me on this, will you?

prince-dead_650xSee this guy in the pic above, you know him right? Of course, you do. That’s Prince! Not only is he one of the most gifted entertainers on the planet. He’s also considered a sex symbol to most. Would any of you have sex with Prince? Aside from him being filthy rich, the majority of you would do it because he’s a freaky muthafucka. Well, I think he is, just based on his lyrics. Am I wrong? Of course not, I’m never wrong. If Prince walked up to you right now and said lets have sex I believe that 80% of you ladies reading this wouldn’t even think twice about doing it. The other 20% would probably piss him off and make him walk away asking for money. But see this isn’t about Prince, it’s about you. Here’s what I mean. Ok, you ladies would willingly give up the coochie to Prince, right?
But would you do the same if this guy below approached you?

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I doubt that you would. You know why? Because he’s nobody and his hair looks kinda funny. I mean who would fuck a guy with a perm right? I mean, unless you’re Al Sharpton’s wife, you probably wouldn’t have sex with a man with a perm. I mean look at the poor guy, he looks like a woman! No woman would want that next to them in bed or even have him lay on top of them with a stiff one up in ’em even if he’s the last man on the planet, and his penis was 12 inches long.
I mean look at him! He looks like a fuckin pre-op transvestite wearing a throwback jersey. Well guess what? Prince looks like that too. What?!! You think he walks around the crib wearing the same shit you see him wear on stage? You think he wears those 6-inch heels when he makes pancakes, or plays XBOX? Huh? Do you really think that midget wears heels around the house when he vacuums? Get real! Hell, I’m sure Prince has been to a Walmart before. Of course he can’t go as PRINCE, but instead, he throws on some bullshit clothes to be incognito. And even in those bullshit clothes he still looks like a chick. I mean that’s what I think.
Look I’m not hatin on Prince but I’m just saying! What exactly is it about him that you chicks are attracted to? Surely its not the idea that he looks like a woman. I mean if that was the case, LL Cool J wouldn’t have the six pack that he has. As hard as it is for him to make a dollar in the music industry, I’m sure he’d start wearing heels and eyeliner instead of having to hock Old Spice like he does nowadays. Look, I know having money gives a person options. But its pretty sad that a rich dude who wears heels and wears makeup can get some pussy before the average guy can.
The moral of the story…have sex with fat guys!

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