This year has to probably go down as maybe the best year in Black history. There’s a black man making an impressive run for the presidency, and from the looks of it, dude’s gonna win. The minimum wage went up for the first time in 10yrs. On top of that, now we have the United States government apologizing for slavery, and the abominable, dare I say, inhumane treatment of the ancestors of African Americans who suffered as a result of those Jim Crow laws. Some of us probably never saw any of this coming. I know I didn’t. But, here it is right in our faces. I’m not gonna lie, it feels good. Some of you reading this might think the apology is bullshit. Some of you may think it makes up for nothing. Well, you’re right to an extent. As felonious as slavery was, there’s really not much that can be done to change its impact on our populace. Some of you are probably of the opinion that reparations, or monetary compensation would be the way to go. But is it really? Can you truly put a price on what slavery has done to us as a people? Personally, I don’t think it could be ever done. But since black people worked free for all those years, I think its only right that every black person should be exempt from any taxes in this country. The only issue with that would be how long should the tax free season be. I don’t know, but a minimum of forever years sounds good to me. Not trying to be greedy, but I think since education is so important to ones sucess, all black people should be able to go to state colleges free of charge. To me, something like that, would make a greater impact on the black populace. They gave Native Americans reservations and casinos, while we got the projects, crack, and Ward Connerly. The least they could do is let us be tax free around this camp, and pay for higher education.Forever, folks have been saying that black people are full of excuses for their circumstances. They often say this without giving any thought to our history. I mean, its not like we’ve been given a free ride around this bitch, and mu’fuckas just throw away opportunities. If thats what you believe, then I know of a bridge in New York I could sell you for cheap. I seriously think thats the form of reparations, or settlement that should come to us black people. Rather than a historic gov’t funded lottery payout, this is what needs to happen. I could think of alot of other shit that we could benefit from as a payout, but I think what I propose to be well enough. Anything more than that and we’ll have white people trynna pass themselves off as black and try to take our loot. I dunno about yall, but I ain’t down with that. But then again, if they do, and we allow them, we should be able to call them nigger. Can you think of a better way?Agree or disagree?What say you?