You know its really funny how people say that Barack Obama isn’t black enough. What the fuck does that exactly mean? What the fuck is black enough? I mean are we talking complextion, as in not black as Wesley Snipes? I mean really what is it?!! Ok so the dude’s mom is white, big fuckin deal. Halle Berry’s mom is white, and so is Alicia Keys, but I don’t hear too many cats say, “nah I can’t fuck with her dawgg she ain’t black enough!”
So why is it that when it comes to him being a black man his “blackness” is questioned? Its like people want him or expect him to start talking about all the whippings he got on the plantation, or worse, talk about what it was like for him in the bottom of the ship that brought him to America as a slave. Yeah, thats the stuff black people wanna hear about him. You know, that way we could relate. I mean, who wouldn’t want a president who went through the same shit as us.

The fact that his father was African (in my opinion) makes the dude more black than the average “African American”. Because of this, he has a direct connection with his heritage, unlike so many “African Americans” in this country. I mean, the man can actually go to Africa and visit his relatives. How many of you black people reading this can say that you can do that? Probably very few of you can. So doesn’t that give him a stronger connection to Africa than the average black person in America? Try going to Africa and looking up your long lost counsins…the Johnsons, and I think you’ll see its probably gonna be a task in futility. But for Obama, all of that isn’t good enough.

You people wanna hear that he has bad credit, got passed over for promotions because he was black, had to live in the projects with his white mom next to the Evans family from “Good Times” in Chicago, and all sorta dumb shit that would give him credibility. Here’s some credibitlity for ya….he smokes weed! Ok, so I’m not too sure if he still does. But he did say in his book that he fucked with drugs when he was younger. He even admitted to fuckin with cocaine for a lil bit. But any person “black enough” can look at his lips and see that he smokes blunts. Look at how dark they are?!! You can’t tell me y’all ain’t thought of that. If he still does, its probably a good thing. It would mean that he’d be on chill mode, and very relaxed all the while having an elevated mind. “And whats that gotts do with anything?” He would be a man of peace and not a president who wants to push wars dumbass!

But oh well, he’s just aint black enough is what they say. The man even has a fine ass woman…A BLACK WOMAN…for a wife, and he ‘s still not black enough. I dunno, maybe if his wife were white and ugly he’d be more accepted. You know, kinda like alotta sucessful black men in America. You know, our heroes and role models who play professional sports. Fuck Obama, those are the dudes our kids should look up to. Nevermind that he was a scholar, he can’t dunk a basketball or hit homeruns like real black people can. And just in case you still don’t think he’s black enough…take a look at the pic above. Doesn’t he have that look that says, “BITCH PLEASE!” Now show me a black man in America who has never said that, or ever had that thought. Thats what I see when I look at the pic above, and maybe you just have to be black to see it too. If you’re black and you do see it, maybe he’s actually talking to you instead of Hillary?