Apparently gay activists are pissed because of this Mr. T Snickers commercial. Me? I’m no homophobe and I do believe in gay rights because they are people too. But fuck alladat, this commercial is hilarious! I mean, I could see what they see with the subliminal messages and shit, but its still some funny shit to me. Sometimes I think people just take stuff to serious. But then again, I’m a fan of those old Mel Brooks movies, like “History Of The World”, and “Blazing Saddles”. They had a black sheriff in that one, out in the racist old west. Did black people get pissed off because of it? Hell no.

Its kinda like that New Yorker cover depicting Barack Obama and his wife a week ago. Some people thougt it was offensive. Me? I thought it was funny. It would be different if they had depicted him and his wife feathered and tarred. Or maybe worse…sitting around eating chicken and watermelon. That would have been cause for concern. But then again, I’ve heard black people telling “jokes” about Obama and his family painting the White House black, and having the menu changed to have them eat nothing but Soul Food.

Most people fail to recognize satirical humor, and thats sad. It’s sad because behind closed doors (or maybe even in public) we say and laugh at shit in or own sick or twisted way. Actually, we all laugh at the same things unknownst to each other. Think of how many times you’ve probably uttered the words, “I thought it was just me..” after hearing a joke or a comment about somebody or something.

When I saw the “controversial” cover, I got a kick outta seeing Michelle Obama wearing camoflage, packing an AK47, and rocking an afro. I mean, that took the angry black chick to another level, and thats cool. For years sistas have been haunted by images of that fat, black, head scarf wearing, house-cleaning, “I help you raise your white kids” type of woman. You know? That Aunt Jemima type shit. And in case ya didn’t know, thats the reason the sistas have been mad for all these years. Aunt Jemima has killed it for them; thats the reason there are so many single black women raising kids. So seeing her, with an afro, totting a weapon was cool and I laughed. Hey, it could’ve been worse. They could’ve given her a Jehri Curl, and showed her counting Food Stamps. Or maybe they could’ve given her nappy hair, like Condoleeza Rice.

Check out the Snickers commercial….

Lemme know what you think.