Teacher punishes 7yr old Black child by cutting off one of her braids in class

The worst thing in the world is the possible loss of innocence of a child at the hand of an adult. I just read the story of  7yr old Lamya Cammon in Milwaukee and now I’m left to wonder just how this would impact her life as she moves forward from this incident:

OK, first off, I watched another video on the story and Lamya said the teacher told her to come to her desk to get some candy and then cut her braid. I’m sorry, but that negates the whole “I’m sorry, but I was stressed out,” bullshit claim. Sure she may have been bothered by what this kid was doing with her hair. But it’s quite apparent that she put some thought into just how she was going to “punish” Lamaya, so miss me with that bullshit teacher lady. Yes I understand that the teaching profession is a thankless job. But damn maybe this woman needs to re-evaluate her career choice and go to barber school instead.

Secondly, what the fuck is up with the District Attorney not filing charges on this teacher? Yep, why did it take the police the department to hold her accountable via a ticket for disorderly conduct? And further, why in the hell does this teacher still employed? Why not at least paid administrative leave? What’s next? Does she have to put a gun to a students head before someone decides to take action or lord forbid hold her accountable for her actions? I don’t know what in the world is going on in Milwaukee and these District Attorneys. Apparently this is no big deal to them as is being a state social worker and tricking your client into having sex just so that she can keep her kids.

This is a bunch of bullshit. You best believe if Lamaya’s mother went up to that school and did what Mrs. RiPPa said she would have done had it been one of our kids, that she would not be held accountable for her actions by the District Attorney’s office. But above and beyond the obvious, how do you think this impacts the life of this child? What message does this send not only to her, but also to the rest of the children in that class who laughed at her? I mean what does this do to her self worth and pride and a young black child?

Well RiPPa the news story never said the teacher was white!

You’re right it didn’t, but I find it hard to believe that she was in fact black. You know why? Well other than the fact that black women don’t play when it comes to hair and would never consider such fuckery; nope, not a child of a black woman they would. If this teacher was black the media would have plastered her face all over that story. So yeah, I might be wrong in my assumption but I doubt it. That said and assuming that this teacher was white, everything else considered, how would you handle this if this was your child?

Disorderly conduct?