She had sex with the social worker to make sure Child Protective Services would let her keep her kids

OK listen folks – ladies especially – we got some shit to talk about (hat-tip to African American Political Pundit for this one). Yeah I know y’all stuck on that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” bullshit drama (yeah, I got something for their ass coming soon), but it’s time to talk about some real stuff for a change. Recently I read a post at a blog on my very first visit that moved me. The blog is Just Jo Nubian, and the post is titled Brothers Remove Your Masks. I’ve shined some spotlight on this post because it deals with the subject of mental health in the Black community. Now the post speaks specifically about Black men. But since we’re all unified (minus the “I hate Black men so I bash them every chance I can get” bitches), I think it’s important to understand, that a substantial amount of behavioral “problems” within our collective, is a direct result of what I term: brain damage.

You know, sorta like the lady crying in the picture above? Her name is Theola Nealy, and she lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and no, she’s not crying because she misses the sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”. You see, she was under investigation by social services for alleged child neglect; she had two kids at the time. Of course, a state employed social worker was assigned to her case (thank the lord that there is still money in state gov’t to pay hard working social workers) with the interest of her children in mind. Don’t you love the idea that there’s a system in place which protects children by any means necessary? You know, especially how they did in this woman’s case?

A social worker who was supposed to be helping a Milwaukee woman got her pregnant instead, the woman said. Now, she’s fighting to get her daughter back. The baby’s father was assigned to investigate a child neglect complaint about the woman’s other children.

The agency said the social worker broke rules by having sex with a client and but then placed the child with him after they removed the baby from her mother’s home.

“I missed her birthday. He had her,” Theola Nealy said. Nealy’s daughter, Melina, turned 1 year old in the custody of her former child welfare worker, who is also the baby’s father. “He started coming over, and it evolved into sex, and I told him I did not want to have sex,” Nealy said.

Nealy said she had sex with the social worker to make sure Child Protective Services would let her keep her kids. She said when she became pregnant, he told her to have an abortion. After she refused, Protective Services soon removed her kids from her home. [click here to read more and watch the video on this story]
Well isn’t that just wonderful? I’ve heard that the post man always rings twice, but not the social worker? Sure I know to many of you reading, this woman is probably just another “Welfare Queen” sitting on her ass making babies and getting fat. But would we be hard pressed to consider her mental state? I don’t know if it’s done or not, but don’t you think a mental evaluation should be considered for parents investigated for child neglect? Of course I’m assuming that it’s never done. But in the interest of children, shouldn’t it be? Especially when we’re trying to break cycles of learned behavior?

So now she doesn’t have any of her kids – including the baby who was taken away and given to “Mister Horny Predator Social Worker Guy” who is taking her to court to obtain full custody of the child. Now ain’t that a slap in the face? I guess he really cares about kids now, considering he has lost his job as a result of his actions. Some people are of the opinion that a crime was committed. But I’m not sure if betrayal of trust is actually a crime these days in this country. Sure he compromised his integrity, and that of the state; and yes, he may have taken advantage of a poor Black woman. But in this country were there’s a high price to pay for being poor, this is to be expected. But it’s my belief that this gentleman should never be allowed to work for any governmental agency in life ever again. I’d sure love to hear your thoughts on that. Or whether his actions were criminal and deserves jail time as Theola Nealy believes.

The real tragedy here, is that she is now separated from her children. Who knows if she’ll be able to get them back. What’s sad is that in her mind she did what she had to do for her kids. It may not have been the best decision in the world sleeping with her case worker. But hey, when it comes to your kids, most parents will do what they have to do. To me, the real f*cked up person in the head, is in fact the social worker. But I get the feeling that as always, it’s the victim who will bear the brunt of the responsibility, and scrutiny. Hopefully her children doesn’t wind up in the care of the system through Foster Care. If they do, speaking of mental health issues, hopefully this doesn’t happen to them: