Chris Brown: Larry King interview, good move or bad move? Tell me what you think – Mama Skorpion doesn’t approve (funny vid)

So last night the world pretty much stopped because of the Chris Brown interview on Larry King Live. Ok, so no it didn’t actually stop like the premiere of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, but it was damn close; everybody on twitter was up on it. I don’t know if people were tuning in because word got out that Chris didn’t remember the temper tantrum he threw which happened to involve Rhianna’s face. But I know there were a lot of people ready and waiting to teleport, or project their hate into the TV screen. You know how America has to always have someone Black to hate every other month, right?

Like most of you, I wanted to see the interview. I tried watching it twice last night but I’ve yet to see it in it’s entirety. I dunno, but for me I think the whole blue bow-tie, and blue sweater thing was a turnoff. No seriously, I saw his outfit and I felt it was a tragic example of what a young Black man has to do to win respect today. And I’m afraid that Chris has set some sort of precedence with his choice of wear. Yes, young Black men from here on out will all go to court dressed as Muslim Smurfs in an attempt to appear softer in the eyes of the law. Forget the traditional gang colors red and blue. Yes, Powder Blue is what’s hot from here on out. Yes, from here on out that saggy pants hip hop thing is dead. Chris Brown has officially killed the game and we can expect powder blue wife-beaters (pun intended) to be all the rage. I can’t help but to think that somewhere rapper Cam’ron is kicking himself in the ass for wearing pink instead of powder blue.

Did Chris manage to accomplish, or win people over this with this interview? Like I said, I’ve yet to see the interview in it’s entirety so I cannot comment. I would say that he looked pretty nervous and dare I say even a bit angry at times. He really should have worked on that scowl. If you’ve seen the interview, tell me what you think, will you? My wife watched most of it and we’ve been talking about it quite a bit today. I’d like to hear your thoughts about it. In closing, I’ll just say that I’m sick and tired of seeing Black men apologizing for shit on my TV every time I turn around. Hell, I’m still mad that “Hancock” had to apologize publicly before he went to jail. Yeah what Chris did was wrong, yes he has since put forth a formal apology while wearing one of Prince’s blouses. To me, that should have been it. But I guess when everybody hates Chris as they do, an apology tour is to be expected. Hopefully Larry King is still alive when O.J. Simpson gets out of prison.

I can’t wait to see the full interview…

but then again, knowing me, I’ll probably get pissed like this lady….