Oh just great! Now Barack Obama wants to turn our school-kids into little Nazi soldiers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThat Barack Obama is one dangerous man. First he wants to give free medicine and money away to Black people, but kill all the old White people. And now he wants to give a speech to kids going back to school across the nation on September 8th? No wonder people are praying for his death. How dare he reach out to our stupid ass kids and offer them words of encouragement and inspiration to do well. Doesn’t he know that’s how that whole Jewish Holocaust thing started? Yeah, one guy reaching out to a bunch of stupid kids in Germany? This is America buddy; we like our kids dumb.

I don’t know about you, but this latest move must be stopped. We cannot afford to have our kids grow up with hopes and aspirations of attending college or encourage them to grow up to be productive citizens. It’s very rare that I’m wrong, and I’m beginning to think that conservatives are right about this one. Yeah, we should keep all of our kids out of school and not let them hear Obama speak. What are you, some kind of idiot? Bush’s No Child Left Behind policy seems to be working fine, and was the savior of poor minority children; especially the Black ones; but Obama is taking money from HBCUs [read it here] and you people love him? Seriously folks, this does sound like some form of Nazi indoctrination. Next thing you know we’ll all be driving Volkswagen’s n’ shit.