Take Your Ass Back To Europe!

I’m going to do things a little bit differently when I communicate with people online as well as offline. I’m going to be audacious in my exchanges from here on out. Well, you’re already kinda like that RiPPa. Yeah, I know I am, but I have to admit, I tend to lean towards the politically correct, or diplomatic way of handling things. I must say that I have finally come to the realization that sometimes, especially on the internet, it just doesn’t work.

You see, I found that most people on the internet, be it blogging, commenting or whatever, just talk for the sake of hearing themselves talk. That said, I think it’s time for me to take a page out of our president’s playbook: The Audacity of Hope. That’s right, I will now from here on out have the audacity to challenge stupidity, and I will choose to do so in a rather audacious way.

Case in point: I’ve been engrossed in an ongoing debate with a few people on a forum on the situation between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s. It was bad enough that I had another Black man tell me that the Palestinians were getting the treatment they deserved, and that if they don’t like it, they should just leave and go back to their homeland.

[insert blank stare]

Negro What??!!!

Uh huh, that’s what this Black man said. Oh yeah, he continued to say that the land there was always known as Israel, and was owned and ran by the Jewish people, and was never called Palestine. Yup, he said Palestine never existed. So like I said before, it was bad enough that I was hearing this support for a system of apartheid from a Black man. A Black man who has openly proclaimed his disgust for the judicial system and the Prison Industrial Complex in this country, him having been a convicted felon at one time.

So yeah, after this Slave Catcher said all of that in steps this older White woman who co-signed everything he said. Now, never mind the fact that I provided them with substantial evidence that showed that the area now referred to as Israel, though not then a sovereign nation, was for a very long time known as Palestine. Yeah, never mind that. Also, never mind the fact that for centuries in that region Christians, Muslims, and Jews existed in peace and harmony, with Jews and Christians being an obvious minority. Yup, none of that mattered, nor did the fact that Muslims and Jews in that region have a shared genealogy.

Like I said, none of those facts mattered, and the “Palestinians” need to take their asses back to their homeland. Oh yeah, and never mind the fact that in Israel, most of the Jews there are descendants of the Khazarian Empire of Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism as opposed to the “Israelites” or Hebrews who were led out of Egypt and settled in the land called Canaan as proclaimed in the bible.

Damn RiPPa how can you be so foolish to present all those fact?

I know right?

So after all of that, and them both still not understanding that their view is largely shaped by biased media coverage by being in America – it’s no mistake or misunderstanding where the United States allegiance lies – you know what I did? I told the White woman that she needs to take her ass back to Europe. Huh? That’s right, that’s exactly what I told her. I also told that silly Negro that he also should take his Black ass back to Africa. The White lady got pissed, and told me that her forefathers fought to build and create this country, so she has a right by birth to be here and not in Europe.

You know what I did after she said that? I laughed my ass off. I laughed because I could just imagine the look on her face after being told by a Black man to go the fuck back to Europe. I ain’t gonna lie, it felt kinda good saying it to her too. It felt so good that I’m considering adding that line to my repertoire. That’s right, next time I hear any Caucasian bitching about anything. Guess what I’m gonna tell them. Go the fuck back to Europe. Hell, for years Black people have been told that if they don’t like the way things are in America they should go back to Africa. And they often tell you that shit as if Negroes came over here First Class on the Queen Victoria or on some luxury cruiseliner like that.

The nerve of that woman saying what she said. She has a “right” to be here, but the Palestinians, unlike her, never mind them being born there, should go back to their homeland? Yeah, go back to the same homeland they currently are being forced to live in under the rule of apartheid. That White privilege thing is a trip ain’t it? Oh yeah, after I showed her all of that, in her righteous indignation she exchanged some pleasantries with me and got to steppin. The Black dude? That self loathing bastard still didn’t get it. Yup, he told me that Black people are better off here than in Africa because, well, White people saved us. Uh huh, that’s what was said by the same Negro who is known for bitching about Black men being in prison.

The thing that gets me is how in this country, some people feel like they have the privilege to tell people what the fuck they should do when it comes down to it, but yet they scream about freedom and equality. Yup, just like the White teacher who was recently suspended after he told a Black student, “GO BACK TO AFRICA!” So yeah, from here on out, I’m gonna be just like those people. I’m going to be the most audacious Negro than I have ever bneen. You damn right I am. Please believe, I have no problem telling people where THEY should go. And yes, I may use a few choice words when doing so.

BTW, if you’re interested in learning the truth about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict…

watch the following video…

Occupation 101