The New Face of Crime In America

I think its time for me to weigh in on this whole AIG executive bonuses debacle. Yes, it’s all the rage in the media for the last few days. And by rage, I mean rage. Yes folks, White people are pissed. Everywhere you go in America right now, the Caucasian non-minority all have something to say about the doling out of executive bonuses to an all but failed insurance company. It’s really scary right now, and I suspect that reminiscent of abortion clinic bombings, don’t be surprised if UnaBomber style assaults make a comeback.

And you know who’s to blame if this happens? The media. That’s right, RiPPa calls it like he sees it, and its the media to blame. Look, its bad enough that we hear all the doom and gloom surrounding the economic crisis. If that in itself doesn’t scare the shit out of people, adding fuel to the flames of fear, in steps the story of AIG. Fortunately, this AIG shit doesn’t even phase Black people. Lets be honest: brothers and sisters ain’t gettin it like that. Bonus? Hell, we’d be glad if we could get “Nino Brown” to handout Turkeys in the hood like it’s Thanksgiving.

Trust me, nothing gets White people pissed more than them being robbed by other White people. Robbed by Black people? Well, they expect that, and they usually clutch their purses, lock their car doors, or just cross the street to avoid us. So yeah, that’s no big deal. But when another White person steals borrows billions of dollars like Bernie Madoff? They loose their freakin minds. Uh huh, and add to the mix the fact that there are people being rewarded with bonuses by a company that is surviving off of tax payer dollars? I think to say that White America has had it is an understatement. And to make matters worse, 52 recipients of the “retention bonus” have left the company. Yup, they took the money and ran.

Seriously, its as though all the criminals are White all of a sudden. If you’re Black, that’s a good thing, and if you think like me you’re probably thinking its about time brothers went on vacation from the perp walk. But no, not White people. They’re enraged and they’re going to do something about it. You damn right, they even have watch parties around the country where they talk about this mess. Oh you don’t believe me?

Ok, check out this clip…

You see that? They are going to take the country back by God. Did you see Glen Beck doing his Jimmy Swaggart impersonation? Uh huh, they have had enough of this bullshit, and just like the founding fathers, they are going to claim this country as theirs. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me. Hell, I think its a good thing. My only question is where was this outrage when, oh, somewhere near, or over $1 trillion was spent in the war effort over the last 8yrs? I guess it was cool to spend that type of money when the enemy was or is, those people. But when the enemy is one of your own?

You see, us Black people are not like that. When we should be equally outraged and show it, when it has to do with stuff like Black on Black crime, or even the discouraging rate of unemployment for Blacks relative to Whites, we’re very quiet. When CNN breaks news every 15 minutes about new unemployment figures, Black folks aren’t even phased. It’s almost like we’ve accepted our place or condition. And what do we do? We wait for Tavis Smiley to host his State of The Black Union conference with Wells Fargo as one of its sponsors. Sadly, many of us don’t even know or make noise about the fact that Wells Fargo had a hand in predatory lending.

Oh well, life can be clearly defined as a series of peaks and valleys, and I guess in my eternal optimism, I have to say that all of this too shall pass. Hopefully, us Black folk can take a que from our non-minority brethren and make moves. You’d think it should be easy for us since we have a well documented history wrought with civil protests, and activism. Hopefully White America’s outrage doesn’t spill over into becoming racially motivated as they feel like they’re losing ground. Of course it might be a little too late for that and we have Barack Obama to blame. Lets just hope that things get cleaned up under his watch, and we can all be friends again. Yeah, I really hope that we all become friends again. Uh huh, its bad enough that us Black people have to worry about getting robbed by White people as well as the Negroes among us.

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The New White Face of Crime
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