So What You Got An Afro Under Your Armpits

You know what I’d like to know? I’d like to know who in the hell made up the rule about women shaving under their armpits. Who made up that rule? Who was the person that first did it, and signed it into law. Was it the same person who decided that shaving the pubic area, and giving it the Kojak look was the way to go? Seriously, I’d really like to know. Personally, I think the only reason to “go bald” is if you have a receding hairline like Wayne Brady. But err, it’s not like anyone sees under your arms, nor your pubes.
Chances are, most of the women reading this will say that the woman in the clip above is nasty for not shaving under her arms. I’m pretty sure some of the guys will feel the same way as well. Interestingly though, none of the men will ever admit to not having sex with a woman because she was too hairy. For real though, what man do you know would turn down an opportunity to have sex with a woman because he found Dr. J’s fro under her arms. I know I wouldn’t.
And speaking of too hairy: if its nasty and unattractive for a woman not to shave, how many women would be accepting of a man choosing to shave his pubes or keep his pubic area completely shaven? Ok, so I’m not a woman, but if I were, having sex or seeing a man look like an 8yr old with a very big penis would be a turnoff? Dammit, you’re supposed to have hair down there. Personally, I find the woman in the clip above attractive. But hey, that’s just me. Yes, I have a thing for hairy women. Now, when you’re talking about the hair on her legs poking out of a pair of tube socks, umm, that’s a little too much.
Apparently some of the people who saw the video above felt the need to comment and contact this woman (on YouTube) with their displeasure. In the next clip she justifies why she doesn’t shave. You know what? I’m kinda feeling her in her response. It has to be liberating to do or go against societal standards of beauty. You know, kinda like the Afro being a symbol of rebellion or Black Power back in the day? The only thing that bugs me about her is that she has this long ass weave on her head and her underarms are unshaven. I mean, I could be wrong, but if you have an afro under your arms, why in the world do you have a weave? So do women shave because, well, some guy said it was nasty? Or do they shave because some woman decided that it was what’s best? Somebody lemme know please. Because if there really is no medical benefit to shaving your armpits and pubic area, isn’t it, well, kinda dumb?You know, kinda sorta like buying clothes for your pets? India Arie had a song a while back where she said “I am not my hair.” Women, Black women in particular took to this as a song of female empowerment. I thought it as pretty cool at the time. But did they ever stop to think of which hair the woman was singing about?