Black Republican Mayoral Hopeful Wants To Bring Back Lynching

Just when I was enjoying another beautiful day on and offline yesterday, I had to run into a story that makes me shake my head in disbelief. And of course, if you know me, it involves some type of racist idiot or some buffoon opening his mouth. Thanks to the always insightful good work provided by the blog Electronic Village, and fellow members of the AfroSpear, I have this to share with you.

See the guy in the pic above? His name is George Lambus, and he lives in Jackson Mississippi. Well, ole George is running to be elected mayor of the fine city of Jackson. Yep, a city that is predominantly Black. Wanna hear something funny? George is the lone republican candidate. Yep, the only one. It would appear that the republican party has never won a mayoral election in the city of Jackson in modern history. Matter of fact they’ve all but given up on the city. Not only that, it appears that they’re not standing behind George either.

You see, apparently the city of Jackson has a severe problem with crime. So much so that the current mayor is facing federal charges for civil rights violations when he accompanied his police officers, with a sledge hammer in tow busting in crack houses. So yeah, it would appear that things are tough in Jackson as far as crime and something has to be done about it. You know what George proposes to do to help fight crime?

“Crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb,” – George Lambus

That’s right. It seems that Mr. Lambus should he be elected takes the crime problem very seriously. Serious enough to suggest bringing back lynching. Oh, and if you think I’m making this up because I have a certain disdain for Black Republicans, you’re wrong. George has been handing out flyeres around his city with this proposal on them clear as day.

“Look at recent history, like in South Africa, when apartheid was abolished,” Lambus said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “Blacks went on a crime spree. Other blacks got tired of it … and they formed vigilantes and they killed people. It brought the crime down.”

His pistol nearby as he peered out a window at his decaying Jackson neighborhood, Lambus added: “When you cut your yard, carry a gun. When you go to church, carry a gun. When you go to school, carry a gun.” Lambus also asserts that executions are the only way to control crime, adding “If we look at the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, it’s driven with blood.” – Source

Yep, George Lambus is what I have come to refer to as a Slave Catcher. Yes, any Black man who supports, or suggests something or a policy, as he has when it comes to crime – in a city that is predominantly Black? – has to be known as a Slave Catcher in my book. If we were to all hop into a time machine and go back to the slavery days on a plantation, I’m sure George would have been the one Negro who took pleasure in publicly whipping fellow slaves. Hell, he was probably the dude who cut off Kunta Kinte’s foot for running away.

Look, I hate crime as bad as the next man, but I’d be damned if I’d be comfortable with hearing someone suggesting bringing back lynchings, as a form of punishment. In Mississippi of all places?!! Clearly, this man is a fool. Truly a misguided Negro he is, and that’s not just because he’s a Black republican. Contrary to what Georgie Porgie thinks, studies have shown that the Death Penalty has done very little as a deterrent to crime or more specifically, violent crime. As a matter of fact, states with no death penalty share lower homicide rates. Maybe that’s why Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico decided to sign the abolition of the death penalty the other day.

I have to give the republican party credit though. Yes I do. The Mississippi Republican Party is not supporting Lambus. GOP Chairman Brad White said Lambus’ message doesn’t reflect “the values that we represent.” Will these Black republicans stop being an embarrassment to the party of Lincoln at least if not to their race? Of course nobody is taking this clown seriously – which is a good thing – but I’d be damned if a hot cup of Negro Please isn’t in order for him and his idiocracy.