Systematic Failure: Stop Snitching as a threat to National Security

Well, hopefully Barack Obama doesn’t have to appear as tired looking as he did the other day to talk about this one in a press conference to make “certain people” feel better. And thank God this one didn’t involve a major airline, a Nigerian, dingy ass underwear, and a bomb. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask: is this another one of those “systematic failures” he mentioned when assertively speaking on the recent terrorist attempt  as he did yesterday?

According to Barry-O somebody was asleep at the wheel, and as a result the “Undie Bomber” was able to sneak into the country by hopping over a fence all because he wanted to work at a food processing plant for $4.35 an hour. Which brings us to the above photo and the following story from Rikers Island, the beacon of competence when it comes to using other inmates to intimidate uncooperative prisoners at the facility.
A correction officer has been disciplined for dozing on the job after a colleague snapped a picture of her asleep while on post at a Rikers Island infirmary, officials said yesterday. 

A clearly conked-out Nadja Green is leaning in a chair with her head back, arms folded, eyes closed and mouth open. 

But even more alarming is an amused inmate seen hovering above her, mere inches from a set of keys that hangs from her belt. 

The picture was circulated around the department, and a source e-mailed it to The Post. 

Green was transferred on the island and placed on modified duty watching female inmates. She will face charges of sleeping on the job and other security- and performance-related charges. 

“We do not expect this type of behavior or performance from our officers, nor do we tolerate it,” said city correction spokesman Steve Morello. 

The officer who took the picture, Claudel Barrau, was also transferred and placed on modified duty. 

Morello said possession and use of cellphones in jails, even by guards, is prohibited.(Source: New York Post)