Please God Forgive Me! I ALMOST Wanted Rush Limbaugh Dead

(Slim here!  I’ll be blogging for my Blogfather Rippa while he’s out.)

As you may have heard by now, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital yesterday with chest pains (and is now resting comfortably).  He was vacationing in Hawaii, when paramedics were called to his room.

God forgive me, I almost wanted him dead.  Damn it, part of me had resolved itself to not giving two damns if he croaked.  And I feel bad for it, because I am a Christian (not perfect, just Christian) and a human being.  I know it’s not good to wish ill on others, but damn it if Rush Limbaugh wasn’t reaping what he has sewn last night.

I don’t know if that was God talking to him last night, urging him to get his life together or it will end, although I believe that was mostly it.  I do hope that he emerges from this a changed person, willing to bring people together, not set them apart.

For those people bitching about people “wishing Rush Limbaugh dead”, I just have to say two simple words: Fuck off.

I learned as a child that if I were to be a mean, divisive, hateful and disgusting person, bad things would happen to me, and people would most likely love it when they said things did happen.  Human beings believe in “comeuppance” and Rush Limbaugh has more than enough “comeuppance” in the Bank of Karma. 

Is it wrong to wish him dead?  Yes.  It is wrong.  But before going at people for being HUMAN, try urging Limbaugh to change his life, and urging him to live it in a more positive manner.  That doesn’t mean he has to change his political views.  That just means he can stop encouraging hatred and sewing discord. 

He brings out the worst in people, liberal and conservative.  PERIOD.

It’s gotta suck to be Rush right now, man.  I mean, I would be SO HURT if I were in the hospital and people from Twitter to Facebook and all over the world were hoping I would kick the bucket.

Rush, when it comes to this life thing…  Yeah, you’re doing it wrong.