Black Women: Whose fault is it that you can’t find a man?

So by now I’m sure everybody has seen the YouTube segment from ABC’s Nightline discussing the issue of single successful lonely black women. In recent weeks it seems to be the hot topic. As a result, tonight on Freedom Through Speech Radio we’ll be discussing the phenomenon with Paul Carrick Brunson, The Modern Day Matchmaker; check him out:

According to the ABC piece, 42% of “successful” black women in America are single. Supposedly, this is a direct result of black women becoming successful at a faster pace than black men in these modern times. Surely there are other factors involved, but this is the reason we’re having this discussion on the show tonight. So what’s your take? Are you a single successful black woman who just happens to be lonely? Are successful single black women full of shit and making excuses as they are in the following piece? Are we too quick to accept how we are defined through the lenses of non-minorities in the media and otherwise?

So you tell me: What’s the deal ladies and gentlemen? Is becoming a successful black woman really like signing a death certificate in the dating game between black men and women? Are they looking in the wrong places? Why does marriage elude them? Is interracial marriage the answer? Should we accept it as “that’s just how it is,” for black folks or black women in particular? Are black men really intimidated by the success of a black woman, and says who? As a married man myself with four daughters, two of whom are college bound in a couple of years. Do I tell them to give up any hopes of marriage?

These are the questions on the table and I’m sure you may have some of your own as well as answers. If so, check out me and the crew on Freedom Through Speech Radio tonight at 8PM EST. to join the conversation. We’re looking for answers and hoping for betterment in the new year, and I hope to see you there. I’m sure you’re just dying to hear just what I have to say, right?

Check out the show – it was awesome!