Racial Profiling at Airports: “I’ll take anal cavity search for $2 million Alex.”

What do you do after a 23yr old Nigerian who is of the Islamic faith tries to blow up a plane in Detroit but fails miserably only to escape with 3rd degree burns on his nut-sack? Well, aside from being fearful of other Nigerian men who might be also Muslim, who just so happen to have the bubble guts and camp out in an airplane bathroom for an hour. If you’re a wing-nut you do the obvious; you blame it on Obama. Then you get on Fox News because they have cornered the market on scaring a few million silly viewers and suggest the need for better racial profiling:

This is not surprising; actually Sarah Palin said, “profile away.” Oh and let’s not forget Ann Coulter who justified profiling Muslims by arguing that it’s just like “profiling the Klan.” I mean it’s not like racial profiling hasn’t been effective in trying to counter terrorism, right? Aside from regrettably feeling up elderly people at countless security checkpoints at airports the fact that nobody has had the balls to pull such a stunt is irrelevant. The truth is “attacks” or attempts by people like Yaphet Koto’s brother in Detroit the other day could be prevented if there were exclusive check-points strictly for Muslims.I mean hell, a guy deciding to pay cash for an airline ticket as an indicator of the potential for a terrorist act is just not enough.

I’m not big on religion but I can see myself suddenly becoming a follower of Allah. That’s right, I’ll take an anal cavity search for $2 million Alex. Of course the people suggesting this are acting or speaking on the interest of national security and there’s nothing racial or racist to be read into this. I mean after-all, there are many Muslims who happen to be of the Caucasian persuasion. And I’m pretty sure the people in the video above voicing their concerns wouldn’t mind being scrutinized similarly just because they’re white and American should they travel abroad, no?