Oh well, so much for bi-partisanship. There went a novel idea. In a country that’s all but coming apart at the seams as jobs are lost, in an attempt for gov’t to step in and do something positive, the Congressional Republicans all voted against the Stimulus Package. Can you believe it?

These are the same guys who were quick to loan your money to the bankers, only for the same bankers to turn around and have drunken sex on your dime. Not only that, these same bankers were recently caught on a conference call having a discussion of spending your money on conservatives to lobby against the upcoming Labor Bill Known as the Employee Free Choice Act.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Here they are using your money to work against you. Yup, they’re fighting to stop regular working people like me and you from being able to form unions. You know, unions who would have a positive effect on our lives by possible wage increases, health care etc. Can you believe this shit? Talk about corporate greed right? Yup, these same conservative assholes are on the side of big businesses, and are quick to dish out $750 billion last year, and to this day nobody seems to know where the money went, or why the banks still aren’t issuing credit.

The economy is damn near down the drain, and it stinks to high heaven. And in steps Barack “The Magic Negro” Obama with his Stimulus Package trying to be the forever Mr.Nice Guy, and reach across the isle to these fucks, and he gets not one vote in support from them. Hell, he even made concessions for the assholes, but still nothing. I mean, what does it have to take for these people to get it?

Are we supposed to wait till there’s only about 1000 jobs left in this country? People are losing jobs by the minute, and things are pretty bad. Its so jacked up that even hookers and pimps are at the unemployment offices across the country. Not only that, people are killing themselves, and entire families as a result of desperation and despair.

Is it gonna take more people jumping off buildings or doing the murder suicide thing to get some attention? There’s a family all now laying in a Los Angeles morgue because of this shit. From what’s been reported, both parents lost their jobs, and as a result, the husband lost it and took his family out. Now I don’t condone what this man did. And yeah its easy for me to say that its never that bad. But I don’t know jack shit about this man, his family, or what he was up against.

For all I know, there are probably hundreds of people out there who have probably thought about going out like that because they have nowhere else to turn. And in times like these, the only place you can turn to is the government. You know, the same people we voted for to represent us, or our best interest? You know, the same people who were influenced by corporate greed, or the people who financed their campaigns and stuff like that? Yeah, those people.

Just when I thought the spirit of bi-partisanship would usher in a new era of politics in Washington, I see nothing has changed, which is really sad. Sad for the people of this country. But more so sad because up until now, I made an effort to not talk shit about conservatives in hopes that they and the democrats can get their crap together and make it happen for the people. I guess I was wrong.

So what am I left to think about republicans in our gov’t? I think they’re probably some lousy sex partners, and probably boring as hell. Why? Its obvious they know nothing about stimulation and making sure we the people get ours after they’ve got theirs. Hopefully this gets through the Senate and becomes successful in fixing the economy. Surely if it does, these clowns will never be able to take credit for it. As bad as things are, I’d say it was a pretty risky move on their part with 2010 re-election right around the corner.