“You know, it occurs to me that the best way you hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people.” – Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places”)

Remember the movie “Trading Places” from back in the day? Remember that movie? Sure you do, especially if you’re a huge fan of Eddie Murphy like me. Back then as many times as I’ve seen the movie, and laughed my ass off, it was only as an adult that I understood the true significance of what the movie spoke of.

The movie spoke of a system. A system which by its own actions have the ability to affect the lives of many. In the movie if I remember correctly, it was called an experiment by old Randolph and Mortimer. If you remember the movie, they were the two very wealthy White men who ran the corporation. In effect, they were the gatekeepers.

Wanna hear something funny as in funny peculiar? This is really no different than real life today. Whether you believe it or not, this country, our society, our gov’t, our lives, are controlled by older wealthy White men. Black president? Nahhhh…it means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Unless, our Black president is a part of the systematic design of those older wealthy White men who hold our lives in the balance. I mean, maybe Obama is the new Billy Ray Valentine. Grand conspiracy? Sure sounds like it doesn’t it? But lemme ask: hasn’t there been an ongoing struggle between the have’s and have not’s? Exactly!

But did you notice how even in that movie, in the experiment, how they used the age old tactic of divide and conquer? They did it indirectly, but they were able to keep both subjects of the experiment apart from each other. It was only when they got hip to the game they decided to come together and fight the system which had worked against them. The same thing is happening today folks. If you don’t believe it, and you think “Trading Places” was just a movie, then be sure to never give me a puff of the weed you’re smoking because it’s obviously has put you in a coma.

In the end, we as a people may never be able to beat the system because they do have pretty much everybody under their thumbs. But its only by recognizing what’s wrong with the system and coming together, that we’re able to fight in an attempt to make life better for everybody involved, who just so happen to not be at the top of the food chain. If you remember, in the end they all got rich only by coming together to fight the power that were the Duke brothers. Wasn’t it funny that it was the Black guy who figured out just how to get even?


QUESTION(S): If you could wake up one day as the member of another race, which race would you prefer it to be? If you had to live as a member of another race for at least 5yrs, what do you think will change for you and your experience? What if anything do you think you’ll learn from this experience?