Super Committee, Super Suckers, & Super Fail

As if we didn’t see it coming, the Super Committee has failed to reach an agreement. Government legislative dysfunction aside, faced with the humongous task of cutting $1.2 trillion off the deficit over the next ten years without a cape, did we really expect them to pull it off? No, in all seriousness, like most of you, I never thought they would. Actually, I honestly believed the intent was never to reach an agreement. Instead, I was always of the opinion that the automatic trigger was essentially what everyone involved wanted. An even 50/50 split seemed like the closest anyone in Washington ccould have come to a “winning” compromise, so why not? To me it’s easier to let that happen and claim victories on both sides. Of course such a proclamation would amount to nothing like bullshit, so the GOP tried to renegotiate. So now, they’re now looking to stop the automatic triggers.

Unfortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it, that did not happen. So who’s the winner in this latest government super fail? Well, iif you listen to the the members of the GOP traveling circus clowns otherwise known as presidential candidates, you’d say president Obama. Like them, if you believe this failure to be a failure in leadership — something that seems to be the running theme as far as GOP criticism — then you blame president Obama. However, if you live in an unaltered reality like the rest of us, clearly, you’ll see the political victory to belong to the Obama administration. I mean, let’s be honest here: this failure bodes well for president Obama, who is poised to make his re-election bid as a run against the do-nothing congress. Not a bad strategy actually; especially when you think about how their approvals are at historic lows. While the president’s has been rising.

Yep, and then there was the chin check of the day in the form of a veto threat:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my inner Negrodamus predicts an easy win for president Obama next year, after this latest move. OK, so that may be a loot like putting the cart before the horse on just one issue; and yes, the economy is still a lil’ flat. But since the GOP has been successful in shifting the conversation from stimulus, to budget deficit. President Obama’s challenge is a victory.

Think about it: going forward, how can they ever say he isn’t serious about trimming the deficit? How can they say that when his original proposal called for $4 trillion in cuts, and putting everything on the table? How can they say that after not being able to do a measly $1.2 trillion, and now attempt to renegotiate so as to stave off a 40% cut to defense spending? Sorry, Obama set a trap back in August, and these fools fell for it. Listen to the nutjobs, but they’re losing.

How do I know they’re losing? well, other than the attempt to renegotiate the deal made last August. Current polling shows that 53% of Republican voters are now in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy. This is something as president Obama pointed out above, is the point of contention for GOP politicians. Politicians who are willing to stick to the guns of their Grover Norquist pledge to not raise a penny in taxes. A very precarious position to be in right now considering the polling data. However, let the GOP tell it, raising taxes on the wealthy would be disastrous for the economy.

Should the automatic triggers go into effect in 2013, socil programs will take a bigger hit than cuts to the miliytary budget. I’m not sure if you know this, but the military isn’t hurting; poor folks are.

At the end of the day, though this is indeed a political victory for president Obama. The truth is, this is yet another loss for the American people. If you listen to professor of economics, Michael Hudson in the following, you can see just why this whole process doesn’t favor American workers. In the following he makes a good case against austerity measures, and how they ultimately lower the wages of American workers. Having said that, doesn’t this all seem like something right out of the Republican corporatist playbook? It does, but it’s called neo-liberalism – different side of the coin, but not that much different. Consequently, I think we’re ultimately being played, and as such, we’re being suckered in by political theater. Don’t feel bad, folks: these guys are good at this game.

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