Hey, Pat Robertson: Do White People Eat Chitlins For Thanksgiving, Or Is That A Black Thing?

Yes, that’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask. Being a kid from the Caribbean where there’s no Thanksgiving  holiday, or traditions, I’ve always wanted to know whether white folks were known to partake of chitlins for Thanksgiving, or whether that was just a black thing? I’ve been in many homes across the country over many years since being here. However, I have yet to be invited to have Thanksgiving dinner in the humble abode of a Caucasian. I don’t know why, but maybe they think I eat chitlins and would be disappointed if they didn’t have any.

So here it is: do y’all white folks eat chitlins for Thanksgiving like black folks?

Well, Do Y'all Eat Chitlins?

I’m only asking because I’ve been told that were it not for white slave masters, chitlins would have never been a Thanksgiving staple in Negro homes across America – that’s with the exception of uppity Negro enclaves, of course. You know, the black people who are far too successful to eat the entrails of a pig? Yep, you know, the privileged Negro don’t roll like that.

However, something tells me that unknown to said uppity Negroes, white folks are eating chitlin like it’s going out of style. If they haven’t before now, they damn sure are eating it in this shitty economy. Hell, with one in three people in America living near poverty today, I’d say white folks are rubbing chitlin juice on their bodies, listening to Al Green, and drinking malt liquor trying to get a tan. Yep, in this economy, we’s all black folks now, ain’t we? Damn straight; chitlins, turkey, and cheese wiz for everybody dammit – we’s all black now!

Oh, and speaking of cheese, checkout my man Pat Robertson in the following clip. You’ll see I’m not the only one curious about wehat “certain people” eat at Thankgiving. So yeah, Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Enjoy your day. Be safe, be mindful of those less fortunate, and be thankful for what you have no matter how little it may be. Me and mine are thankful for your continued support of our site. We hope to continue to entertain, enlighten, and embarrass you in years to come.

Somebody answer Pat Robertson’s question below, please? I just can’t with this fool!