Can You Imagine Standing Next To George W. Bush, & Singing Praises In Heaven? Well, Can You??

Can you imagine 10, 000 years from now humankind reading a book written by George W. Bush (or one of his neo-con disciples), which uses the historical backdrop of the USA, and it being widely accepted as being divinely inspired? Can you imagine? Didn’t he say God told him to invade Iraq, but yet he lied about WMDs? I know, this might sound absurd, but this is exactly the way I view the Bible. I think too often we overlook the geo-political subtext of the good book. Hell, you got fools talking about invading Iran, and Al Qeada sympathizers being arrested in New York. Yup, same stuff, different president.

Dear God, Please Don't Let Them Forget Me

I mean, whatever happened to marching around some shit forty times until it falls ‘n shit like that?

Much like today, we hear more about kings, queens, and evil dictators  in the good book than we do the occasional whore or the poverty stricken electorate. Of course they didn’t vote back then; but, was it that much different back then for regular folks than  it is today. Yes, that’s a rhetorical question, and yes maybe the Bible is filled with truth. Maybe the only wealth regular folks like you and I can attain only comes after we enter the pearly gates of heaven. I don’t know, but even up there, I’m sure privileged folks like G-Dub are the same. Which means, we’re fucked.