Sorry Jamie Foxx, You Can’t Blame Being Stupid on the Alcohol

A few days ago I was on Facebook, and I created one of those “Top 5” apps. You know, one of the many apps that people send you annoying the shit out of you to participate in? Usually somebody sends me a damn plant or some other shit like that and request that I send one back to them. Listen, if I cared enough to send you anything as a gift, it wouldn’t be a damn Facebook plant. It would probably be a personal message which would instruct you to get a life. So I decided to do a “Top 5” app, but being me, I decided to do a “Top 5 people I hate”. I plan to continue the hate trend, that way people will get the hint and leave me the hell alone on Facebook.

My first “Top 5” was called “The Top 5 Celebrities I Can’t Stand”. I won’t get into the list here and explain my displeasure with my selections, but for the purpose of this blog, I’ll just say that Jamie Foxx, and Blair Underwood made the cut. I only brought those two of the five up because all the damn women on my list kept asking me why or what reason I would have to hate those two. They didn’t care that I hated Soulja Boy, Rush Limbaugh, or Kanye West; nope they didn’t. My guess is, those three people were just not sexy enough hence the WTF is wrong with you RiPPa? Well, in spite of me being married, I’ve never had sexual fantasies of sleeping with another man, so no, sexuality or attraction never played a part in me picking these people, especially Jamie Fox, and Blair Underwood.

Jamie Foxx gets on my nerves, and I cannot stand the dude. C’mon, don’t act like I’m the only one who has at least 5 people celebrities they hate; you hate, I hate, we all hate, so what’s the big deal. As for Jamie, I just think he’s all hype. With the exception of the movie “Ray” what has he done proving to be a great actor? Nope, I’m sorry, but “Miami Vice” was crap. Seewhumsayin and shit? Well RiPPa he’s multi-talented; he sings, acts, and is a comedian. OK, so what. There are many people who are multi-talented celebrities, but we don’t hear about them now do we?

You know why, because specialization is the key. Not for Jamie, his multi-talent or what we see as such, in my opinion, just feeds his addiction otherwise known as attention whorism. Well he’s gettin his money RiPPa, so why you hatin? Will Smith is multi talented, but do we see him and DJ Jazzy Jeff still kickin it on tour? Hell no! Will Smith figured out that rap shit was NOT where the money was, and he has focused solely on acting, and perfecting his craft, which now has resulted in him being one of the highest paid actors in the world. Does he have an Oscar like Jamie? No he doesn’t, but has Jamie has pimped his Oscar in hopes of becoming Will Smith? Yes he has, and obviously it hasn’t worked, hence the reason he’s all over the place.

So now Jamie came out in an interview and said something completely foolish about Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame. If I’m not mistaken, jokingly he suggested that she “make a sex tape and grow up,” do heroin, smoke crack and catch a sexually transmitted disease from a bicycle seat. Umm, Jamie, that was not funny. Nope, and I ain’t laughin nigga. I mean, how would he like it if someone suggested that his beloved daughter whom he proudly took to the Oscars with him do a sex tape, and grow up already. He wouldn’t like it one bit, but because he’s Jamie Foxx – in his bigass I used to wear a Jheri Curl head – everybody loves me, he never gave any thought to what he said. Yup, and now he has since apologized ; which actually sounded more like a plug for his own radio show. Fuck you and your apology Jamie. If I were Miley Cyrus that’s what I’d think, as her dad already does. But I sincerely doubt she’s checking for his Black ass as are many of her fans, or White people in general.

I’m telling y’all, that Oscar has gone to his fuckin head. It’s like he won that award and has lost his rabbit ass mind. There haven’t been many Black people to have ever won an Oscar, and you’d think he would humble himself and take that into consideration and think before he speaks. Not too long ago he was on another radio station talking shit about fellow actor Terrence Howard. Forrest “Bumpy Neck” Whitaker won an Oscar, and we don’t see him running around like that. He’s not running around full of himself running off at the mouth. Instead, he probably continues to work on his craft which makes him one of the best Black actors of our era. But nawww, not Jamie Foxx, he wants to be all over the place promoting himself when he really and truly should not have to, were he a great talent. I guess when you still have images of the ugly Jheri Curl wearing Negro surfacing on the internet, self promotion may not be a bad idea. However, talking about Miley Cyrus the way he did doesn’t help what so ever unless you’re content to forever be known as Wanda from “In Living Color”.

I just think it’s funny how Black people can be up in arms over Don Imus and what he said on the radio but not Jamie Foxx. Double standard perhaps? Of course it is, and its sad that some people are blind to this and fail to hold one of our own accountable. Oh well, this is just another reason as to why I can’t stand Jamie Foxx. As for Blair Underwood? I just hate him because unlike Jamie, he’s a pretty boy who has been allowed to stick around as long as he has because of it. When is Yaphet Kotto gonna get his props and shine. Hell, we ain’t seen that brother since he was in The Running Man. And you wanna know why? Because we have Jamie Foxx in the way. I say we boycott Jamie Foxx, send his ass back to Texas, and hope they do secede from the Union.

QUESTION:Who are the calebrities that you just cannot stand?