Glen Beck:Pimping Single Poor Black Women

Remember those commercials that were popular where some sympathetic White celebrity would bring you to tears as they spoke of starving kids in Africa? Remember those? You know, the ones that your parents would always remind you of when you decided to not finish your food and dump it in the trash? Yeah, well it seems that now conservative talk show host Glen Beck has gotten tired of scaring the shit out of people and catching the heat for it. Yes, it would appear that he’s now conveniently pandering to a new class of the victimized in America. Yes, and since conservatives have long been supportive of gov’t social policies, I’m guessing he took the time to remind his fellow Conservative brethren as to what’s going on in our country.
As I watched the piece above and saw the beer can laying in the grass in the “hood”. I was fearful that the next scene we were going to see were Negro children with flies on their faces with their stomachs poking out. Yes, that’s what I thought, and I’ll be honest, I was afraid that’s just how bad it has become for Blacks in this country. At least I know that if it ever did, as if it hasn’t already, we have Glen Beck to support us in the struggle.

In another America – sorry, this is a new post racial America – Beck and the rest of his ilk would be discussing this woman as the “Welfare Queen” of the month. But thankfully, the theme of change has brought some compassion to people like Mr. Beck. However, even in his poor attempt, I think what was particularly insulting was to play the sympathy card for this woman while ignoring the bigger issue of what’s wrong with the government ran public school system in our country. What about the hundreds of thousands who are behind due to a failing public education system, which in my opinion needs reform? Why even suggest that there is no money in the stimulus for school vouchers when it is the public school system which is in ruin? Why bitch about the stimulus when concessions were made for republicans in the senate where education spending was cut?

This just shows that the right wing extremists, oops, I mean good Americans, are running out of issues to rally around. I hate to say this, but we’re one terrorist attack (and not necessarily from foreign combatants) away from them even giving a damn about this woman and her family. The funny thing about this, is that it is the conservatives who have always pushed the idea of folks pulling themselves up by their very own bootstraps while catering to the idea of privatization, and the free market. If you don’t have any boots, that’s just too bad for you. That has always been their cry. Damn right, why depend on the gov’t for anything when you should be doing it yourself. I don’t know about you, but suddenly I feel a little bit confused. Not too long ago they were seeking legislation to drug test recipients of social services and unemployment, refusing stimulus money, but now they care about education to benefit children of poor hardworking single mothers?QUESTION:What do you think of Glen Becks piece above?