Women Raped In The Military? Nope, That Never Happens!!

Look, I’m just gonna get right into this one and say this:I don’t think women should be allowed to serve in the military. Homosexual males, yes, but definitely not women. What the hell is wrong with you RiPPa, that’s a sexist statement if I ever heard one! You’re right, it does come off a bit sexist but its with good reason. One thing to note, is that I do not think that women cannot perform to the utmost as they are required because of their sex. Nope, that’s not what I think. However, I think because of their sex, they should not be allowed to even serve in the military.

I say this because according to a recent report by the Department of Defense about a month ago, 71% of women serving in the military are sexually assaulted. It was also concluded that 90% of the assaults are often not reported. Now, as a father of three girls, why should I encourage them to pursue their patriotism and love of country. Why encourage them to serve alongside men who are sworn to uphold the constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic, when there’s a serious chance that my daughter can be a victim of a sexual assault. Now I don’t know what are the odds of my daughters being raped as they walk the streets every day may be, but that 71% number for the military is just a little bit scary.

This explains some of the mystery surrounding the LaVena Johnson case. If you don’t know much about the case you can visit www.lavenajohnson.com to find out more. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just say that she was a 20yr old Black woman in the military who only after 8 weeks in Iraq died. Her death was ruled a suicide, but oddly enough, when her body was flown home, it was discovered that she had bruises all over her body, her nose was broken, teeth were loose, and her vaginal region had all the savage markings of a sexual assault. Oh yeah, it was also discovered that the self inflicted bullet wound on her head was not consistent with that of a suicide. Oh and did I mention the presence of a lye type substance leaking from her vagina which made it impossible for any DNA to be obtained? Yes, all of this was discovered once her body was returned to the states by her family.

Now you might say I’m just biased because LaVena was Black. Well, as I said before, I have three daughters, and they too may turn out to be honor role students who decide to bypass college and exhibit their patriotism and love of country just like LaVena did. But this isn’t about LaVena, because hey, like I said before, per the report, 71% of women enlisted are sexually assaulted, and 30% are raped while serving. So, that would imply that therein itself, there’s a problem. However, you don’t have to take my word for it, but you can click right here, and read it for yourself. The article actually contains the accounts of a few women who were sexually assaulted while serving their country.

So yeah, this is why I think women should not be allowed in the military. This is something that is not often heard of, and gets swept up under the rug. I just think it’s despicable that a woman can give the highest of sacrifices for her country, and in doing so, not only does she have to worry about possibly dying for her country, she has to worry about some asshole who calls himself a man violating her sexually. So you see, the problem isn’t women. Much like our society, its a problem of male domination with no value or regard or very little respect for women.

If you’re interested in the LaVena Johnson case, and are willing to help by signing a petition so as to urge a congressional committee investigation, you can do so by visiting her site as provided above. You can also take the time to see an interview below with her parents and their struggle in finding the truth of what happened to their daughter. If you’re an American who loves this country, it’s the least you can do. After all, in Iraq, a woman in the military is more likely to be raped by her fellow soldiers than die from enemy fire. Yes, and especially since this stuff occurs as they fight the good fight to bring freedom from oppression to the rest of the world.

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