So Barack Obama is Worse than Timothy McVeigh?!!

With today being one day removed from the Tea Party protests, I must declare as the great communicator Ronald Reagan once said, “It’s morning in America.” Yes indeed it’s a new day. If you think we became post racial after November 4th 2008, you were sadly misled. For that day was yesterday.

You see, only in post racial America can we find a picture like the one posted above. A picture of a Negro here in the good state of Tennessee protesting his disgust for Barack Obama as did pretty much everybody else. The blog We Are Respectable Negroes was responsible for providing me the pleasure of being witness to this. You may call this coonish considering his costume, but hey, coons are proud Americans just like anybody else. I don’t know that brothers name, but he has proven just how far we have come as a country by showing his level of patriotism never mind the fact that he does look like Apollo Creed from those Rocky movies. I don’t know, but maybe he just wanted to be the first Negro at a Tea Party since we weren’t privy to that in Boston back in the day. I mean I could be wrong, but I don’t think Negroes filled out W-4’s back then did they?

It’s morning in America when at the Tea Party protest in Oklahoma, someone saw it fit to display the sign which reads: Tim McVeigh Would Love The Tea Party. Really? Tim McVeigh, Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh? That dude is a cultural icon now? I mean wasn’t he executed in a Federal prison for his despicable yet cowardly act of bombing a Federal building which was responsible for the loss of 168 lives including children who were known to spend the day in daycare? This guy is a hero? But yet conservatives are mad at the recent report from the Department of Homeland Security which says that we should be on the lookout for people like him with the recent increase of hate groups. What’s next, Osama Bin Laden being chiseled into Mount Rushmore?

Oh I get it, its a new day in America, and people like McVeigh symbolize the very freedom that the founding fathers were all about. That’s right, we should all aspire to grow up to be just like him. Yup, we should idolize guys like him all the while dismiss the DHS reports of the possible rise of nutjobs on American soil, who may do the very same thing. Oh I get it, the only terrorists are those guys who wear towels on their heads and not guys like Tim McVeigh. You know what? I don’t think I like this new day in America. Yeah, this post racial thing doesn’t sound too cool. Barack Obama gets elected and its as though people have lost their minds; White and Black people alike have lost their damn minds. Yes, we have Black people who think diversity is a bad thing, and White people are ready to secede from the union that is the United States of America.

Yes, it’s a new day in America indeed folks, and we have our citizens who identify with the republican party or conservatism for all of this; fueled by wackos in the media of course. The very same people who are always concerned about Islamic extremists terrorizing this country, and spreading their hate, refuse to recognize that currently in America, conditions are conducive to the mindset of right-wing extremists who hide behind patriotism and commit acts of violence against fellow citizens. Oh well, lets just hope that they don’t start bombing abortion clinics, or sites of major sporting events like the Olympics in Atlanta and then an jihadist Muslim pirate extremist becomes the fall guy of the month.