Do like they’re doing in Philadelphia right now. With Philly being in Pennsylvania, a heavily contested battleground state, it looks like racist fuckers are strategically trying to suppress the African American vote; again!
They’re currently circulating fliers in poor Black neighborhoods informing citizens that they will be arrested at the polls if they have outstanding warrants, and or unpaid parking tickets. Can you believe that shit? Not only do Black voters in Philly have to worry about having their vote stolen by electronic voting machines like the ones used in Ohio in 2004, they now have to worry about potential arrest.
Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods
Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-4172
With just weeks to go before the presidential election, voter intimidation has reared its ugly head.
An anonymous flier circulating in African-American neighborhoods in North and West Philadelphia states that voters who are facing outstanding arrest warrants or who have unpaid traffic tickets may be arrested at the polls on Election Day.
Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison, who learned of the flier last week, said that the message is completely false.
“The only thing that police officers are going to do that we’ll be encouraging that day is that they’ll be exercising their own individual right to vote,” Gillison said.
He plans to put up statements on the city and police Web sites to let citizens know that the handouts are false. He said that he also will record a public-service announcement for broadcast.
Gillison referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the district attorney.
“We are not going to stand for any intimidation of voters,” Gillison said. “Not in this city.”
He said that he did not know who was behind the fliers, which appear to be targeted at supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama.
Now, the shit has since been debunked, and has been recognized as an old practice. But even with that being said, you can’t deny the psychological effect the tactic has. Do you think that Pookie who is a first time voter will be willing to go to the polls on November 4th, and run the risk of sitting in jail when he knows he’s behind on child Support? Do you think that he’s gonna believe this to be just another racist attempt at voter suppression? Hell no he’s not! Instead, he’s gonna run and tell all his friends, who like him, are upstanding citizens of the ghetto. And with the whole STOP SNITCHING movement, you already know where their alliegance lies, and they’re all gonna believe him. And why wouldn’t they? Hell, they still think Tupac Shakur is alive.
Urban legends aside, I could only imagine the number cities across America, where this practice is being used right now. And just think, this is being done in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, and not rural Mississippi like the good ole days. Its really sad when you think about it, but its to be expected living in this shining beacon of freedom and democracy that is America. Kinda makes me wonder what fliers they put out in the suburbs, or where the white people live.