Thats right! You read it right!! I’m gonna vote for John McCain in November!! Yeah, so what I’ve made my support of Obama public up until now. Can’t a man change his mind without being considered a flip flopper? Believe you me when I tell you I have my reasons. And no, my decision has nothing to do with his most recent debate. No it doesn’t, and I don’t care that he refered to Obama as “that one”. Nor to I care that he still refused to shake Obama’s hand after the debate. None of that means anything to me because I don’t get caught up in all that racial stuff like the rest of you.

That being said,

my number one reason for voting for John McCain is….

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Cindy McCain and their daughter Mehgan McCain

He has a black daughter. Ok, so she’s not really black, but she looks like it. Hell, she looks blacker than Obama. You see how much darker than him she is? Besides, if Obama wins, we’ll have to score a victory for light skinned people, and Al B Sure might take it seriously and try to make a comeback. The last thing Black people need in this country is for Chritopher Williams to come back singing “Don’t Wake Me I’m Dreaming”. If him and Al B Sure do comeback, brothas are gonna start buying that “Duke” hair processing perm shit like they used to back in the day. I’m sorry but Al Sharpton with a perm in 2008 is enough. Suddenly, all light skinned blacks are gonna think they’re the shit, and lord knows we don’t need any of that divisiveness within our culture. Hell, I’m just now getting over the Don Imus “nappy headed hoe” thing, and I don’t need to start hearing light skinned people refering to “the other ones” as such.

Secondly, voting for him because of his black daughter would be a moral victory for all black people. Yeah, I know you probably think an Obama victory would be more significant. But thats not true. We blackl people have gotten used to the fact that there’ll never be a Black president. I say it would be a moral victory because in 2000, when McCain ran against Bush, the Bush campagin, or some Bush supporter, through PUSH POLLING convinced republicans to NOT vote for McCain. They convinced them to NOT vote for him because he had an illigitimate Black child. Nevermind the fact that his daughter was adopted. Facts don’t matter to republicans. They didn’t vote for him because of it and freakin Bush won! And I guess we all know how the Bush victory in 2000 has changed our lives.

So what Obama is more of a populist as a candidate. Big deal. He’s only more popular or ahead in the polls because, well…his mom is white! That plus the fact that white people are voting for him because they refuse to vote for McCain because he has a Black daughter. I’m telling you, this PUSH POLIING stuff is serious, and people easily buy into this stuff. They believed it back then in 2000, and obviously they still do, and thats why Obama is ahead right now. You say McCain has an ill temper and is an asshole, and thats why you’re not voting for him? Well, would you still be happy if you lost an election beacuse of your Black daughter?

Its imperative that we put aside the racist bullshit, and stop voting against our principles. The republican party, sad to say, has been effective in gaining votes because of this. We should all realize voting for Obama is an error in judgement. We need to vote for McCain if not soley on what I’ve laid out above, but also because if he loses, Madonna and Angelina Jolie would stop adopting kids from Africa and other third world countries. Its time for us to put our country first, and not let them send back adopted kids like they did Elian Gonzales when they sent him back to Cuba. After all, there’s no Disney World in Africa or Cuba.

*Its a good idea to click the links in the blog above to understand my sarcasm. If you don’t, well drink a glass of warm bleach, and call it a day.