After telling you people of my decision to vote for John McCain because he has a Black daughter, I am now ashamed. Why must my people belittle themselves the way they do? And why does it have to be often on national television?? I mean seriously, when will the Jigging stop?!! Wasn’t “Flavor Of Love” and Flavor Flav enough? Ok, so late last night I’m up watching Rachel Maddow’s show, and I see a clip of one of yesterday’s McCain stump rallies. I wasn’t really paying attention as to who or what was gonna be said, but I figured it had to be more of McCain or Palin lies being espoused. That’s what I expected to see. I mean, that’s what they’ve been doing, right? Instead of that,

I got this….

This brother (yes he’s still a brother because he’s black) has set us Negroes back 400yrs. Some of my caucasian readers may not feel me on this, but I know my black readers will. Upon seeing this, images of a black man begging his white master to keep him on the plantation as a slave after the emancipation proclamation flew into my head. Now I wasn’t alive 400yrs ago, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it looked like or sounded like. What the fuck is wrong with this Black man? Clearly, he’s a republican, and a supporter of John McCain. Which would mean that he’s not gonna vote for Obama. Could it be the fact that McCain is losing ground in this campaign that invoked this man’s inner Uncle Tom? Yes I called him that, because that’s what he is. Could it be that he’s just another blind black man unable to see …the reality of this campaign’s current stance
Why didn’t he beg for McCain to offer solutions to the economy? Instead, he begged…HE FUCKIN BEGGED…John McCain to go hard on another Black man with racially motivated hate. That’s what I saw or got from it, and hopefully you did too. Like I pointed out in a recent entry, people…white people have been calling for the death of Barack Obama at McCain rallies. They even started throwing racial slurs at camera man who just so happened to be black at one event. Pretty sad ain’t it? And the McCain campaign, has yet to say anything against the recent barrage of negative responses from their supporters in the crowd. And what do we have to back up the bullshit rhetoric? A black man who chose to step up and pretty much get on his knees to suck the dick of John McCain.
Look, I really don’t care who you support in this election, but dammit, don’t lose yourself in doing so. Because of this brother, I’m now afraid of the white people I encounter in the public. Because of him, I think that I am now expected to enter restaurants at the back door, sit at the back of the bus, drink at the colored water fountain, and shine shoes for the rest of my life. I hate to have to do all of that, but this guy has left me no choice. But then again, he may have just been a paid actor the McCain campaign picked up the the rent-a-negro store. I mean, have you noticed that there’s always a speck of blackness sprinkled here and there in their television appearances? A part of me wants to think that this is just strategy; a paid appearance by some unknown struggling black actor. Yeah, I find comfort in that thought. It keeps me from getting enraged, or even crying in shame.
I know there are Black Republicans, and I know that they’re sometimes seen as “sellouts” by other members of their race. But umm, this dude sure as hell doesn’t do much to dispel that stereotype now does he? Its one thing to be a white McCain supporter spitting racial hate for the opposing Black candidate. But its another thing to be a black suporter encouraging and motivating racial hate in your support. Its no wonder blacks unanimously support the democratic party. I’ll stop for now before they bring out the fire hoses, and police dogs to get my ass. Or worse…get shot for wearing Barack Obama t-shirt.