So they’re remaking We Are the World, without having a Michael Jackson séance? And Lil’ Wayne & T-Pain on the track??

So I heard the other day that they were remaking the USA for Africa 80s classic We Are The World as a charitable effort to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Then I heard that Lil’ Wayne was gonna be one of the artists featured in the song and singing Bob Dylan’s part, no less. My first inclination was to run up on somebody and do a Rambo, just because. I mean did they invite him to be on the track because, well, he himself looks like a starved child from the Sudan? But then I heard they also invited Fonzworth Bently; you know, Pdiddy’s jigging no talent havin’ umbrella carrying Negro man-servant?

Surely inviting Lil’ Wayne had nothing to do with him being a top selling popular Hip Hop artist, and had more to do with the sympathy factor, right?  Nothing like seeing a malnourished looking black guy with gold in his mouth covered in tattoos to bring white folks to tears. OK, yeah, so I don’t particularly care for Lil’ Wayne; you got me; guilty as charged. However, I heard what he said at the end of a recent press conference discussing the remake and, well, I’ll let you check it out:

I mean, Lil’ Wayne dropping political bombs, à la, Kanye West? Sure he’s from New Orleans, but was this from the heart or yet another well planned PR move? What do you think? Either way the brother got my attention, and I really wish more young artists were politically vocal on issues. So yeah, I’m still not feeling him being on the song, but I understand. More importantly, I’m glad that he used this as an opportunity to draw attention to the plight of the residents of New Orleans even after almost 5yrs since Hurricane Katrina. For that, he gets some props.

Checkout what ThroatChop has to say about this: