Chicken, Beer & Babies

So I’m cruising around on Facebook a couple of days ago catching up on family and friends as I do from time to time. Yep, just trying to reconnect with my folk and not looking for any f*ckery when I ran into this on one the page of one of my homies who happens to be a popular D.J. in Indiana. A good friend of mine who is all about his paper and has been quite successful as a D.J. on the club scene as well as in radio:

Yeah, I was stunned when I read that status update, or advertising for childcare services during club hours. You mean to tell me people actually drop their kids off at a daycare that opens at night to be able to go to the club? You mean they actually pay for this service? F*ck that; they advertise this shit? Two locations? Pick up and drop off services? Probably not a bad idea especially if little Deandre and Tyeisha’s mom gets pissy drunk at the club. Oh well, I guess providing this service is better than running a weekend crack house. Hell, you gotta get that money, right? You know, sorta like the ladies in this next clip:

Yeah I know that was disgusting and hard to look at. Yes, and I’m sure you hung your head in shame. But hey, where else can you go in America, enter a hot wing eating and beer drinking contest in hopes of winning $500 on a Wednesday night? Entering such a contest is not exactly a career move the likes of taking your clothes off in some smoke filled room while being masturbatory material for perverts. But when you’re a single mother struggling to make it as you try to pay college tuition, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I mean if you’re gonna go to a night club hoping to score another baby daddy, or some sucker ass nigga to buy you drinks and pay your rent looking for love. Might as well try your hand at winning some money, right? Worse case scenario is that you don’t win $500, but at least you know there’s that drop off service to bring your kids home safely. That is, hopefully after your new found love interest has left your apartment at 6am.

QUESTION: Ever notice that all contests at night clubs involve women?

Hat-tip to AverageBro