Lap Dances for Haiti: Shake ya ass, show me what you working with!

“So don’t be actin like you don’t be backin that stuff up, girl in the club that’s what you got ass for.” – Mystikal (Shake Ya Ass)

Well, from the looks of it, everyone is getting in on the charitable bandwagon for Haiti. There was a  telethon aired on MTV, Hip Hop for Haiti, and a host of other events aimed at raising funds for the beleaguered nation in the wake of one of the worlds worst natural disasters. In downtown Toledo Ohio, Marilyn’s On Monroe got in on the act last weekend in assisting with funds for relief as advertised:

A couple of weeks ago in a featured post by Renee of Womanist Musings. We discussed the sexualization of black women as it played out in a new PETA ad campaign that featured a nude model. In that post I think we pretty much came to the conclusion that the ad was exploitive of black women; at least that’s the idea many people who commented arrived at. I mean anytime a woman’s body is used (or taken advantage of) to push a message or an agenda it’s sexist, right? Shoot, we even discussed the exploitation of Beyonce’s sexuality in the music industry in another post by my blog sister Seattle Slim.

Well, with that in mind, do we feel the same way about the undertakings of Marilyn’s Of Monroe in Toledo Ohio? I’m just asking because I’m sure the people in Haiti could care less if any of the money used to purchase supplies came out of the crack of some strippers ass, or out of the pockets of the Pope himself.

Personally I found it funny that the “Christian” organization had no problem taking the money. Nor had any qualms with where any of the money is coming from. I especially loved the line “We don’t have a right to judge a persons heart, if somebody is doing something they have to do for a living then that’s the way it is.” I loved it especially because we’re often taught that “All money isn’t good money.”

But I guess the tragedy in Haiti warrants compromise, so I understand. Yep, and I can see a Dope Boys For Haiti fund coming real soon. That said, are you willing to compromise on your morals and principles and accept this act of charity even if it supports a patriarchal system? I mean clearly these women “own their sexuality,” right? That said, is it really sexist, if the end justifies the means? I really would love to hear your thoughts, on this one. You can read the story at the Huffington Post, and I think you’ll find the comments as interesting as I did.