The Blindside II: White Folks Stealing Haitian Babies

It’s often said that the road to hell is paved with bibles and people with good intentions. But don’t tell that to the ten Christian missionaries from the United States currently sitting in jail in Haiti charged with conspiracy and kidnapping. And  from what I’ve been told, Haitian jail cells do not come with tropical resort-like accommodations. But hey, when you try and steal kids from a country cross the border without proper documentation other than the idea that God’s on your side, it’s to be expected:

So what do I think? Of course I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this. But right off the bat the name Sandra Bullock comes to mind as influential to the actions of these Christian Missionaries. Let’s just say that with the release of the movie The Blindside, white folks are looking for opportunities to save Negro children more than ever. Which is a good thing except for when you do it illegally! Americans are bold like that I suppose; especially when acting under sanctioning by God. Shit, didn’t George W. Bush do the same thing by invading Iraq? I mean the nerve of these people waltzing into a country and trying to walk out with children! I mean who does that? OK, so Madonna comes to mind, but that was with one child and not an entire village.

Listen white people: you don’t just try and cross international borders with 33 brown babies when you’re white and you have no official documents OK? The last time you guys did that, shit didn’t turn out good for black folks here and elsewhere in the diaspora; that is, unless you’re a black republican. But hey, I understand being white and American gives you to green-light to go around the globe in the name of God and do just what-so-ever you please without regard to the rules and laws of the land. Which is something the bible encourages one to do – obeying the laws of the land, that is.

Yep, and you gotta love their defense; they’re saying that some of the parents willingly gave them up. Yep, gave them up so that they could be provided with a better life?  Yeah, good luck proving that to Haitian authorities? For all I know with the chaos that is the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Those parents may have thought these people were going to take the kids to a place where there’s food, water, and shelter; I mean what parent wouldn’t want that, right? Yes, and I seriously doubt whether in their minds they understood that place to be the United States of America.

Look, there are missionaries and church organizations on the ground in Haiti that are doing good work. And yes these people may have been acting in “good faith”. But the bible says something about obeying the law of the land, and my guess is that American missionaries were not exempt.As bad as help is needed in Haiti right now it’s going to be hard to see this group penalized anywhere from 5-15yrs as they’re facing. But in the wake of this tragedy should there be any exceptions? I mean it’s not like they gave the kids smallpox infested blankets or anything, but…

QUESTION: What if anything should be done to this group?