Slave Catcher of the Week: Pastor James David Manning supports Virginia’s Confederate History Month and uses the bible to endorse slavery

He just never stops, or fails to astound me ladies and gentlemen:

Yep, I know it’s early in the week, and too early to pass out this most prestigious award. However, after watching the following video. I think you’d be hard pressed to come up with another well deserving recipient this week. I mean it’s pretty hard to beat this especially given the fact that he brought God and the Bible into it, right?

Personally I don’t see the big thrill in wanting to celebrate losing anything. But then again I’m not big on the bible or the marriage of religion and politics. Last time I checked, we’re involved in two wars overseas all because of the fact that a few people are of the belief that words in a book justifies them flying planes in very tall buildings in America. We call them terrorists, but I suppose in Virginia the Confederate Army should be heralded as patriots (?). I mean after all: God wanted it that way, right?