Is Spanking Really Counterproductive When Done Right?

Spanking kids at about three years old will make them aggressive. Well, no shit Sherlock! That’s why you don’t spank them that early. They are too young to understand.

I spank my kids and I will spank my grandkids, and I don’t care who disagrees with me.

Each child is different, and the idea that only spanked kids become violent is bullshit. Children who are not disciplined or disciplined inefficiently grow up to be drains on society.

In Kindergarten, my son was keen on pushing his boundaries, and even hit a teacher. I knew what would happen if we didn’t act. Talking to him wasn’t working. But guess what did? Spanking. It wasn’t immediate, but it was swift. This year, my son is a star pupil and his principal is most pleased with his 180 degree turn for the better.

I don’t even remember my spankings, save the few that are actually hilarious to me looking back.

Also, I personally don’t agree with listening to a privileged class telling me how to parent when my kids are at greater risk for falling prey to fuckery (in the statistical sense) than their children. Culturally, I grew up in a country, and in a family, where spanking was the norm because they had to ensure the kids didn’t fall to predators. I couldn’t do half the shit my friends were doing for fear of what would happen to me. So I stayed straight and narrow, even into my adulthood.

What are your thoughts? Is spanking really all that bad?