Confederate History Month: “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!” (Let’s Celebrate!)

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your bull whips, and your nooses too
We gonna celebrate your party with you!
Well that’s not really how the song by Cool and the Gang goes, but that’s might as well be the remix when you start listening to politicians who think it’s not offensive to people of color, specifically black folks, to celebrate confederate history.

Before I jump all over that bullshyt, let’s consider some historical moments that are considered taboo to celebrate.
 Holocaust barn fire nights!
Atomic drop a bomb Japanese fireworks festivities!
Slip and Slide kill an Iraqi for oil day!
Small Pox and Native Americans quilt event!
Southeast Asia butt fvcking greasy mornings!
But I digress, for a Mississippi Governor, Haley, Barbour, to declare that his state celebrates Confederate Memorial Day is not surprising. [Source] It’s fvcking Mississippi Governor. Now this isn’t to say that the people of Mississippi are any less or greater than any other citizen in the United States. However, a person’s psyche is directly correlated to that person’s environment. And we all know that Mississippi’s history regarding slavery, segregation, and it’s ties to the Klu Klux Klan is legendary.

People in the state of Mississippi have had to endure the constant reminder that Blacks have their place and Whites have their place and they are not equal. As a result it should be no surprise that Blacks born, raised, and bread in Mississippi have a different level of expectation than many in other American states. For many these mental obstacles are permanent walls that are never meant to be scaled. Others, these obstacles embolden the individual, makes them stronger. Brighter. A source of food for the tiring soul.

Black Folks Don’t Swim ironically is a term that grew out of southern mental barriers meant to ensure blacks knew their place and their property wouldn’t swim away. So Governor for you to declare that your government yearly proclaims and renews a Confederate Memorial Day is as news worthy as Folk just had a bowel movement! Seriously, Governor. A large disproportionate of the state’s population is undereducated, lives beneath the poverty level, and let’s not talk about a certain ethnic group that still doesn’t feel like they are entitled to vote (or that their votes don’t count).

But let’s look at the arguments raised by some of my undereducated but often on the tele Caucasian cousins (Folk has Caucasian blood running through these veins). The Confederacy was not about state’s rights! It was about money. During the days of slavery, the south was rich! Rich as shyt! Rich enough to control the politics of the North. The North was jealous of this control. One of the reasons blacks were considered 3/5ths of a person was to control the political power of the south. But that political power came from the wealth that the southern states generated, and that wealth was generated through slavery. Nobody gave a d@mned about slavery (north or south), but they all gave a d@mned about money and that money was generated by slavery.

No slaves? No money. No money? No power. No Power? North controls shyt. How to overcome the power of the south? Get rid of the slaves. Enter Civil War!

Also the fact that the confederate flag is not representative of slavery is total bullshyt! During the days of Jim Crow, the confederate flag was used as a rallying symbol of those who despised the rights gained by their once income earners and would want nothing more for the “old south to rise again.” Enter Klu Klux Klan.

During the rise of the Civil War Right’s Movement of the early 1900’s, numerous “old pro-slavery south” states confirmed their commitment against the rights of minorities by incorporating the glory of the old-south into their state’s flags. All of them! Every fvcking one of them overwhelmingly begin raising various forms of the old confederate flags above the state capitals of the south as a final show that regardless of what the United States say, and these d@mned negroes want, we will force all of you to raise a symbol of our hatred towards the north and black folks.

Just like a child who embodies everything you hate about what has come of your adult life, so has many southern whites placed the blame upon blacks the excuse of their fall from grace. The hatred is so engrained that many southern whites have committed self societal suicide. You know the attitude, “If I can’t have it, no one will.”

So if we’re going to celebrate, let’s fvcking celebrate Governor. Don’t half step. Do that shyt to the fullness. Bring out the nooses. Bring out the bullwhips. Bring out the fvcking white sheets and hoods! Bring out the black women, bukkid azz nekkid in the streets and rape them like the old days. Open the doors of the prisons, which have become nothing more than a legal form of slavery due to the disproportionate number of black folks within those walls compared to the population, and shoot, hang, and maul us some negroes to remember grandpa.

Governor, just because something existed or something is allowed to exist doesn’t mean it’s right and should be celebrated. Sorta like slavery.

How y’all feel about this all this shyt? How y’all feel about those who continue to see the symbol of the confederacy as just a celebration of American history and honor?