You know, I consider myself to be a pretty liberal kinda guy. But even as liberal as I am, there are just some things that I don’t understand. Usually when I seek to come to an understanding of human behavior, I try to have an open mind. Me being almost 38yrs old, I’ve come to realize that “it takes all kinds” as they say in this world. Rather than be judgmental and dismiss people as being fucked up, I try to understand them. I try to take the time to figure out where they’ve come from, and what their “experiences” have been about. I do that because I realize that our experiences generally shape who we are or what we’ve become. And having said that, just in time with all the protests of Proposition 8 in California, the pregnant dude from last year comes out and announces that he’s pregnant again. I’m all about gay couples having the right to marry, but damn, did this hack have to use this as an opportunity to tell the world that he’s pregnant again, and has a new book set to hit the shelves? Oh well, some people are opportunists I guess.
You know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand how a woman can consider herself to be a lesbian, love having sexual relationships strictly with women, and yet dress and act like a man. What the fuck is up with that? The same is true with gay men. I don’t understand how a man can consider himself to be gay, and yet he dresses and acts like a woman. What the fuck is up with that shit?!! You’d think that the “roles” and the rules would be clear when observing such relationships. I mean, fuck….if I’m a man, and I love men, and choose to have a man to have sex with me instead of women, why in the fuck would I KNOWINGLY engage myself with a dude like this…

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Or if I were a lesbian, and I felt the need to feel the soft skin, and scent of a woman to get my juices flowing unlike a man can, why would I wanna fuck a woman who dresses like a man, acts like a man, and probably shaves her beard every morning like men do?

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Thats just a couple things that I don’t understand. And yes, I do care to understand! I need somebody to explain this bullshit to me pronto. Yeah, and how come most bi-sexual people always look and act pretty fuckin hetero-sexual? I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand it. What’s the psychology behind this shit? When it comes to sex, there’s alotta shit that I just don’t understand. I mean damn, I know variety is the spice of life and all, but some of the shit people do is more of a mental head trip than some physical, “this feels good” type shit to me.
Lately I’ve observed alotta people on online social network sites who are into BDSM. Thats some other shit that I really don’t understand. I know that we’re all different people, but, how the fuck do you get to a point where you wanna dominate your partner or be submissive in a slave type sexual game. Can anyone explain this shit to me? What’s the attraction? As for me and my wife, we have a healthy sex life, but I doubt I’d wake up tomorrow and ask her to start kicking me in my balls because it would turn me on. If any of you have answers please don’t hesitate to enlighten me.