Allow me to weigh in on this Gay issue. You know, proposition 8 in California has been a hot topic. Hot enough to spark protests all across the country. I’ve read many a blog about the issue all across the blogosphere, but I have yet to actually speak on it. As some of you who have been around me for some time may know, I consider myself to be somewhat of a progressive mind. So having said that, I think most of you already know where I stand on the issue. For those of you that don’t know…




Unfortunately, there are alot of people who don’t think like me. Unfortunately, some people are just bigots as my brother Eddie pointed out last week on his blog (“If You’re Against Gay Marriage, You’re A Bigot”). But you know me, I’ll always point out the hypocrisy that is the United States Of America. Like it or not, thats what I do, and that’s what my third eye in effect is for. Without it, I’d be lost in this world, or forced to accept whatever I’m told as the truth, or “the way it is and should be”. Another interesting read on this subject was done by Siditty(“Proposition 8 Passed, And Black People Are To Blame?”), a sister with a good head on her shoulders, who always presents great blog topics. On this one, she laid it down you hear me? And lastly before moving along, you guys have to checkout Kit aka Keep It Trill’s entry on the subject as well (“Proposition 8 Ban On Gay Marriage: When The Yes We Can Crowd Said No You Can’t”). I urge you guys to be sure to give these blogs the nod, and even add them to your blogroll if you haven’t all ready. They may not be “kid tested” but they are “RiPPa Approved”.

So lets talk about gay marriage.

Do you know that 20% of all married people in America are cousins?

Did you know that?


Now, don’t think for a minute that they all live in the back hills of Kentucky, Virginia or Georgia and are all rednecks. Yes I know that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the subject of cousins being married. Trust me, even I have a hard time with getting the image of “Jethro Bodine” and “Ellie Mae” getting butt naked and doing the nasty. But the facts are, they do it. Not only do they do it, but their “union” is recognized by the gov’t. Now, this isn’t permissible by law in every one of the 50 states. But its permissible in enough of them to make up the 20% statistic of all married people.

But something like this is taboo in our society just like gay marriages. Its enough of a taboo that the religious right raised enough of a bitch about it, that George Bush won the elections in 2004 because of it. Its so much of a taboo that the religious right once again appealed to the fear and ignorance of many to get Proposition 8 passed in California. The sad thing about it, is that it was legal for them to get married, but now they’re not? This is California remember? The same state where its legal, and has been for a long time to have a doctor prescribe you weed. This is something that’s not widely practiced everywhere else, but in California your doctor can give you a pass to purchase a dime bag but you can’t get married if you’re gay? Yes folks, the same California where if it wasn’t for the weirdos, the rest of the world would would not be entertained. Personally, being a New York City transplant, I always thought California was full of fake ass people. But even in thinking that, I always applauded them for being the most liberal state in the union. Well, that plus the fact that they corner the market on the porn industry helped as well for me.

But yet the religious right targets the gay community. How come they don’t spend millions as they have in an attempt to stop cousins from being able to get married. Why don’t they do that? I mean, they’re so “moral” and all…why not? Seems like the same people who are against abortion would be against inbreeding and the production of kids with birth defects. But no, instead, they are against same sex marriages when neither one of them (the sexes involved) are able to have normal kids naturally as do heterosexual couples . Well, that’s unless you’re the pregnant man and his wife, but that’s besides the point. Oh yeah, shout out to Arkansas for voting to prevent gay couples to adopt kids and be foster parents as well.
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The bottom line, its hypocrisy, and discriminatory…period! Its not right that they deny these people the right to a civil union, but yet allow cousins to be married. Allow it enough that inbred marriages account for 20% of all married couples. To me, that’s whats wrong with America. Aside from the hypocrisy, there are just too many stupid people alive who through their fears are motivated to vote against their own principles. I’m seriously begining to think that some of these said stupid people are infact products of inbreeding. And whats worse, is that said stupid people are always easily influenced by the CHRISTIAN church because anything else would be too much like they do in Islam or other cultures. Having said that, I wonder if anyone can tell me the sex of God, or his sexual preference.

In closing, I say until you stop the continued growth of the inbred community because of the “immorality” of the practice (currently its legal for 1st cousins to marry in 20 states), they should allow same sex marriages all across this country. Either that, or they do something about inbred couples first. If they do, there’d be less people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity running around on on our streets, on our airwaves, and that would be a good thing. But then again, if there were no inbreeding or cousins having sex or getting married, the movie “Deliverance” would not have been made. And that would suck because that’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Come to think about it, wasn’t that movie filmed in Georgia? And was there not a scene in the movie where one of the inbred rednecks raped one of the city boys?
Hmmm…No wonder Atlanta is the Black gay capital of the United States.Hopefully there are no Black gay rednecks running around down there.That state has given us much bullshit for too long dammit.