Ron Artest: ‘Stereotypes of a Black male misunderstood, but it’s still allgood’

At the beginning of the NBA finals I spoke to my best friend who happens to be the ultimate L.A. Laker fan. No shit, I think this cat still sleeps in Magic Johnson’s Converse Weapons and James Worthy’s goggles.

But anyway, we talk about sports a lot and he knows that I’m no longer a Laker fan like I was back in the day. I’m sorry, but I love the Knicks, and just like the south we shall rise again (stop fuckin laughing!).

So I mentioned to him that I’m going against all NYC convention by rooting for the Boston Celtics in the series. I also mentioned that a part of me wanted to see the Laker win, solely based on my love for Ron Artest. Don’t worry, my love for him is not of the homo-erotic type as captured in the following pic…

Ummm, yeah, what was that about?!!

Instead, I’m of the belief that Artest is the embodiment of the misunderstood urban negro. And of course me being an all around ghetto nerd and defender and representer of all things hood, sans the moments of sheer n*ggerdom and ig’nant behavior. This why I found pleasure in watching the Artest post-game interview, while he basked in the warm glow of redemption, as he showed just how he hasn’t forgotten where he came from:

See, much like Barack Obama, Ron Artest is a real n*gga. He may not be as eloguent, charismatic, and popular as Obama; but, never the less, Artest keeps it real. He keeps it real where others fail in attempting to do so (think Kobe Bryant’s failed rap career). He’s the antitheses of NBA stardom, and the quintessential antihero; but it’s still allgood because like ‘Tony Montana’, you need people like him.

You throw beer on me while I’m on the court dong my job, you gets knocked tha fuck out. You win an NBA title, and you do the unconventional which would be to shout-out the hood, and thank your shrink? That’s real n*gga shit that only real n*ggas like me can truly appreciate as a true real n*gga moment. It’s a moment that sadly Paula Duffy fails to understand as she jokingly asserts that Artest kept the crazy in check to win a title.

Here’s his post-game press conference:

As much of a taboo as is mental health in the black community, it takes a real n*gga to stand up and admit that he needs, has, and is getting the necessary help. So yeah, while people laugh at my man. I choose to salute Ron Artest for his accomplishments on and off the court, because that’s just what real  n*ggas do, dun.

Here’s to you Ron: