Racism Goes Paranormal: It’s No Longer Racial Profiling, It’s a ‘Sixth Sense’

Lemme tell you something: I stay away from the paranormal shit. Not that I believe in any of it. But when someone else goes there with it? That’s usually my clue to exit stage left. So now I’m conflicted because my arch-nemesis racism has decided to up his game and go all paranormal on a brotha:

Umm, how exactly are “illegal immigrants” groomed, Steve? No seriously, grooming? I mean, are you trying to say that there’s a certain smell exclusive to illegal immigrants? If that’s one of the “indicators” that influences the “gifted” in sniffing out illegal immigrants, I guess you’re right.

Yep, there’s nothing racial about that. I mean, that is if you overlook the whole “what type of accent they have,” and “what type of shoes they wear,” thing. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that all illegal immigrants wear Nikes with the upside down swoosh from those Latin American sweatshops, right?

I swear racism gets more clever by the day.