oil on the finger that’s pointing

By guest blogger Folk

::steps up to the podium. taps mike::

What’s pop’n people? Folk been quiet on this topic but it’s time for Folk to come out swinging! There’s a lot of finger pointing going on with the oil spill crisis that’s ongoing in the gulf.

The President’s at fault. BP is at fault. The government is at fault. The oil industry is at fault. The overseeing bodies that inspect the functioning oil rigs are at fault. Halliburton that supplies that cap is at fault. The buracracy and red tap is at fault. The EPA is at fault. The Environmentalist are at fault. Huckle Berry Fin’s nipple ring also bears some fault! Hell the question Folk has is who isn’t at fault?!?

That includes you and Folk too…

Our thirst of oil has forced America and the world’s oil companies to this point. We want all the oil to supply our lifestyles but we don’t want to produce it in a manner where the results of raping the earth can be seen. Instead we choose to invade other countries we deem vile and dishonorable in order to fulfill our industrialized thirst in the name of civility an democracy.

We (and Folk uses we loosely) laughed at the rest of the world as they curbed their oil appetites and produced larger SUVs at an alarming rate, built obscenely large inefficient homes, and turned a humped back to the fact that oil is a non-renewable resource.

So now we have a call to renewable resources for energy. Now what? Should incandescent bulbs be removed from store shelves for florescent? Should federal mandates for higher efficient home appliances be put into place immediately? Should every passenger vehicle that gets less than 20 mpg be taxed per mile or banned all together?

Folk ain’t got all the answers. Folk can only start with Folk. And Folk has been considering the amount of energy Folk uses for years. For years Folk has used dimmers, florescent light bulbs, cars that get good / great mpg, and recycle when Folk can. Just because we don’t see the troubles we cause with the lifestyle we choose to live doesn’t mean it goes away.

The old people would say that eggs gonna hatch and the chickens always come home to roost. And you know what? They were and are right. We, America, have shielded our eyes from the atrocities we cause day in and day our by our compulsive at all cost economy. Even now, faced with one of the worst oil spills in world history, we still have yet to see the true villains here. No different than our treatment of Native Americans. Our view of slavery in America. Our audacity of killing thousands and psychologically harming millions of Japanese. The fvcking we gave the Cambodians, the Laotians, and many other indigenous people in the name of justice and peace (to secure natural resources or defensive postures to others detriment).

America! My fellow countrymen and women. The reality of the Afghan war has come to our shores! Literally. Instead of bodies of soldiers we can hid behind flag draped coffins, we have nature’s birds and beast dying in oil soaked films in testament to our self imposed ignorance.
Don’t go thinking Folk saying this is God’s punishment for some past shyt. Folk ain’t said that. Folk just saying it’s hard to avoid the truth of the devastation we as a country cause elsewhere in the world when the very results of that devastation shows up on our own beaches and soil. Literally.

So the next time you hear a motherfvcker screaming and hollering about whose fvcking fault this whole gulf crisis is, remind them there’s some oil on that finger they’re pointing and it’s best to stick a lubbed finger up one’s own azz.

What y’all thinking??? This real talk y’all. Folk out!