Alvin Greene Voter Speaks: “So like, that wasn’t AL GREEN?!!”

Damn, this one is too funny! No seriously, you gotta watch the following video. In it, a South Carolina voter is interviewed and explains why she voted for Alvin Greene. In the interview she explains what I suspect to be the real reason Alvin Greene was able to capture 75% of the vote in at least three precincts. For me, the hiliarity of this short clip, is that it debunks the notion that Greene won because blacks overwhelmingly voted for him. And yes, this woman is white:

OK, so one white woman doesn’t represent the many white folks who voted for my man Alvin Greene. However, to me this is proof that white folks are fond of that Negro baby making music. Yes, and as in the case of the woman above, I’m willing to bet that her panties got wet from a montage of some freaky “I love diving off of headboards” sex, set to the tune of  ‘Let’s Stay Together’ as she stood in the voting booth. Yep, and If I was this woman, I’d be embarrassed now that the world knows of her hidden lust.

So much for the idea of black people voting for candidates solely because of their shared skin color. Sadly, Gail Westerfield serves as proof of something many of us black folks hate admitting. No, not that the typical black voter is blissfully ignorant when it comes to politics. Instead, Gail is evidence of a reality that we as black people often scoff. And that would be, the fact that all black people do look alike. C’mon black people; just accept it. Here’s to you Gail Westerfield, for setting white folks back.