Florida teacher fired for having premarital sex with fiancé three weeks before wedding

Hat-tip American Voice for this one…

Now I’ve heard of women being kicked out of churches for being unmarried and pregnant. But for the life of me I don’t understand just how this is grounds for termination at a Christian school. Of course there’s much I have yet to understand (nor care to) about that hand-me-down religious Dogma, but I think this is absurd:

Now a part of me thinks that Jarretta Hamilton shouldn’t have said a damn thing nor even answered the question of when did she get pregnant. I mean whose business is it but that of her, her husband, and her fucking doctor! How dare these religious fundamentalist talk about standards and values when there was no fucking contract signed by this woman. But I guess this is no big deal given the fact that women in the bible were often treated more like property than anything else; and, it’s a wonder they didn’t stone her to death.

Yeah, and what if she was an atheist, a Muslim or a non-believer? Lemme guess, that is to be sorted out through a rigorous and intrusive interview, right? I mean if the 14th Amendment protects a woman’s right to privacy when it comes to abortion. Surely the same protection applies, and the actions of this school is discriminatory, right? We’re a nation of laws, and just in case you didn’t know, there’s this old piece of paper called the constitution that protects individuals from this sort of thing.

I sincerely hopes she wins her lawsuit; and yes, a part of me believes that her being black has something to do with it. The reaction when they found out in the presence of her and her husband (before even knowing when the child was conceived) says it all. Something tells me that if she were a white woman, she would be easily forgiven, and her privacy would have been respected. Instead, white privilege rears its ugly head at the end of a letter from the school principal, Jon Ennis, to her attorney: “We request that Jarretta withdraw her complaint and consider the testimony of the Lord.” Yep, they sure have a way of telling black people what to do, don’t they?

Yeah, cut the check!