Revenge of the Crackbaby

Remember back in the 80s when crack exploded? Wasn’t that devastating to our communities? Well, remember when back then there was much talk about all these babies being born addicted to crack cocaine? Umm, err, where are all of these babies today? Seriously, that’s a question that ha been on my mind for quite some time. Whatever happened to these crack babies and what are they doing with themselves these days.

Can any of you clue me in on that one?

I mean I really would like to know because I’d hate to continue believing that they’ve all been employed by BET (Blaxploitation Everyday Television). Speaking of which, checkout a now famous ex-crackhead who happens to be employed by a certain network at a recent red carpet affair hosted by said network:
Now look, the last thing I’d like to do is make fun of the personal triumph of an individual unless his name is R. Kelly. And yes, R&B sensation Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie is an ex-crackhead who makes it hard to believe that she actually is a recovering addict. But I have to wonder how in the hell was she able to wear platinum gold fronts in her mouth when she doesn’t have any teeth? No seriously, when did they start making platinum dentures? This is disturbing folks, and I hope it doesn’t become a trend. Lord forbid if someone at Viacom gets the bright idea to give Frankie and Flava Flav a new reality show… together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that she’s able to bounce back as many recovering addicts have; and I see her emotional meltdown on the red carpet as evidence of just how much she is aware of her blessings. Yes, it’s very unlikely for a recovering addict to walk out of prison to become a mainstream star on television with her own show. But am I wrong to see her as being the victim of exploitation by the corporate executives at BET similar to the drug dealers with whom she had dealings?

Surely there is a symbiotic relationship…

But is it right?

You tell me…