Police Gone Wild: Police officer beats 15yr old special needs student, and now in jail for rape

There are good cops, and there are bad cops. Christopher Lloyd is a very bad cop, and dare I say a very bad human being. You may not have heard about this guy, but he’s the police officer who was caught on tape giving 15yr old special needs student Marshawn Pitts (pictured above) a beat down in a Dolton Illinois school hallway back in May. Allegedly, according to Lloyd, Pitts refused to tuck his shirt in his pants. The parents of the 15yr old as recent as a few days ago decided to release the tape to the public.

Check it out:
Well, according to a story ran in the Chicago Tribune, officer Lloyd is currently sitting in a Hammond Indiana jail cell on rape charges. According to the story, on September 14th, Lloyd sexually assaulted a woman he knew while he held a pillow over her face. The story also revealed that he had previously threatened the very same woman with a knife.

B-b-b-but wait it gets worse!

Last summer while working in a different jurisdiction, Officer Lloyd shot and killed his ex-wife’s new husband 24 times in the presence of his kids. But guess what? He was never charged and per a currently pending lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, this was as a result of the Chicago police believing his story that he acted in self defense. I don’t know how true that may be, but I know cops do tend to stick together and lie to protect each other – you can click here to read about how that has happened recently in Chicago. Of course Lloyd was suspended from the Robbins Police Dept after the fatal shooting last summer, but according to his father he was able to find work with the Dolton Police Department in January.

Here’s the question: Why was Christopher Lloyd allowed to be employed by another police department? OK yeah he was never prosecuted for the murder of his ex-wife’s husband. But still, was it appropriate to hire a man who clearly had anger management issues? Clearly his anger issue was evident per the recording of him pummeling that 140lb 15yr old kid the way he did. Did it take him sexually assaulting a female the way he did for him to be kicked off the police force?

Not taking anything away from police officers as they do perform a very stressful job. But all too often in their daily lives their everyday on the job activities can have negative effects on them which can be played out in similar ways as was the case of officer Lloyd. I don’t know departmental policies as it relates to psychiatric evaluations and police officers, but given the actions of this individual, isn’t it something to think about?

I mean, is it any wonder why a police officer would be involved in a series of unrelated events as Officer Christopher Lloyd has? We’ve seen in recent weeks just how violent youth in the city of Chicago can be and are. I just wonder if we’re going to attribute the behavior of this cop and others like him to bad parenting as in the case of the kids without giving any care or concern to their mental state given the environment within which they live.