The Irony of Barack Obama Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

So Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 as announced this morning. There has been much debate as to whether it is deserved or not – a debate I’m going to weigh in on a little bit later. But one initial thought I have is the irony of him being the recipient of said award. I mean, isn’t it ironic that he is receiving this award for his efforts to affect change internationally through diplomatic talks, negotiations, nuclear proliferation and all of that mumbo jumbo. You know, basically all the shit Bush was against…?

But here at home, he is the motivating source of much ridicule, and hate.

Isn’t that ironic?

Lets see, Barack Obama is great for the world, but not for the country?

Like this for example:
Like I said, I just wanted to throw that out there before actually sharing my thoughts on him being awarded the Nobel prize. Whether you agree that the award is deserved or not, we must be careful to not ad fuel to the fire for idiots like the gentleman in the clip above who is clearly racist by the way. But at the same token we must never miss an opportunity to put people like this guy in check, and hold him accountable for his actions. You know, the people who hide behind the bible and constitution and use it as a shield to express their hate? You know, people who used to be identified as racist at one point in time but now are called Teabaggers, Birthers, Republicans etc…?

SIDENOTE: How can a Republicans/Conservatives disagree with Barack Obama receiving this award when in fact he’s currently seeking a 40,000 troop increase for Afghanistan? You know, a war they are all for??

Even in receiving this award there are assclowns on the right side of the political spectrum who are as always, politicizing this announcement. The irony of that is that there are people (like me) who are of the opinion that he hasn’t done enough by way of ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize in such a short time in office. But yet even as he is pushing for troop increases in Afghanistan, or stalling on the closing of Guantanamo Bay, those very same right wing nutjobs are still not happy about him winning the Nobel Prize [Click here to read about them].

While people like me cried tears of joy on election night last year. Even with as much hate they throw out now. I take much pleasure in the thought that on that very same night. Assholes like the gentleman in the clip above reacted this way…Somehow, I can’t help but to think that many of them have yet to get over the traumatic experience or realization that the president of the USA is a Black man. Well, Barack Obama is definitely Black, and Karma is obviously a Black bitch from the Southside of Chicago as well. These same fools who were ecstatic a week ago because he failed in his attempt to bring the Olympics to his hometown are now all looking like they ate stir fried shit as they carry on with whining. Oh well, Magical Negroes have a way of doing that to some people, I suppose.
QUESTION(S): Why is it that Obama gets love abroad but not here at home? What is it that people abroad see in him that some of us here at home fail to appreciate or embrace?