Racism is Finally Over, But…

Black people, listen, I got an idea. How about we all have a meeting, preferably in February when it’s the only time of the year that we’re prideful, to discuss just how “we” use the word nigger. Yeah I know that subject comes up every week, and yes I know unlike me, some of you are sick of it.

But I think it’s a conversation that should be had; because quite frankly, if it’s up to us to end racism, shouldn’t we at least take the first step in removing the word from our vocabulary? I mean, us saying it has to be the obvious reason that “silent nigger” exists. See, that’s what we have to talk about, folks.

You see, there’s verbal nigger, and then there’s silent nigger. Most of you are concerned about verbal nigger, or the verbalization of the word. Then there’s silent nigger which is the something simple like, I dunno, getting pulled over by the cops for driving 5 miles below the speed limit being in the “wrong place”.

Silent nigger is the inherent systematic racism that plagues black folks and other people of color. Silent nigger has prisons across the country chock full of black folks. Silent nigger is the reason some of you pay higher interest rates on your mortgages and loans than do white folks with lower credit scores.

Silent nigger was the trigger for housing bubble…

Silent nigger is the very reason there was need for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. A landmark piece of legislature championing the cause of equality, and the protection of the rights of minorities.

So you see, while some of youse people are concerned about black folks employing verbal nigger, silent nigger has, is, and continues to kick us in the proverbial black ass.

Still think that “us” verbalizing the word nigger adds to our detriment?

Lemme see, up to this point in this post I’ve written the word 13 times. And maybe that has offended some of you reading this; and maybe I should have used the preferred term, the “N-Word”.

Now lemme ask you:
If I continued using that word in the written or verbal form, would racism just magically disappear? Would life be better for us all? Would we truly be a “post-racial” society??Look, words are only as powerful as the people who use them; and I think the choice to use the word, however the intent, is your personal choice. For it is only up to you to decide on its use given its place in the ethos that is race in American history and culture.

Last time I checked, black folks are kinda short on that power thing. So if black folks never uttered the word ever again, would racism go away? Checkout this very profound and powerful video from Elon James White: