Alvin Greene Gets Kicked Out of a South Carolina Restuarant

Sometimes I cringe visibly in public when I’m in the vicinity of niggerish behavior; and by vicinity I mean, well, let’s just say the same country; foreign niggeration doesn’t affect me as much; for all I know those people are from Detroit; you know, that third world country in the Midwest?

But anyway, my man Alvin Greene is back in the news and in true Alvin Greene form – the kind that makes you stare off into space with a perpetual drool hangs from your lip – he’s finally proven to be an embarrassment to me. Can you imagine that? Me? Yeah, the one guy who’s been team Alvin all along?

This from The Hill:
South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene was ejected from a South Carolina restaurant by police on Tuesday after his companion got into a fight with other patrons, the Associated Press reports.

According to police, Greene had originally been invited to address officials at a monthly meeting of the Oconee County Democratic Party, but the invitation was rescinded following Greene’s Aug. 13 felony indictment on charges of disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity, after he was accused of showing pornography to a college student.

Seneca Police Chief John Covington told the AP that Tuesday that Greene showed up at the event despite the withdrawing of his invitation, whereupon his female companion began to fight with other patrons. Organizers called police, who escorted Greene and his companion, who was not named in the report, from the restaurant.So you’re running for Congress and you get kicked out because of some hoodrat chick? A chick probably upset because she wasn’t gonna be able to stuff her swap-meet Gucci knock-off purse with delectable edibles known to elude the hoochie-mamma kind? You know she told the hood of her new-found status, right?

C’mon son!

Get kicked out of a movie theater for talking too loud or something like that. Not from an event where people had to get dressed up in their Sunday’s best!

And what was his ass even doing attending the event?!

Sorry, I’m not gonna buy the “nobody told me not to come,” line. Somebody had to call and inform him that his me-so-horny-ass wasn’t welcome. But I guess when you think you should be an action figure…