Bitch, Kiss My Corns & Scrub My Feet

By Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Sometimes you gotta put your foot in a little ass, and recently it was a narrow, pale Korean ass talking a whole bunch of shit in Atlanta.

You’ve already heard the news. An overweight black woman was charged extra at a nail salon because of her weight. According to the owner, big asses are breaking the spa chairs; resulting in an extra charge to cover future repairs.

Uhhhh, aren’t you supposed to put maintenance and repairs in your budget?

And since I’ve lived in Atlanta, I can verify that there ain’t nothing but big booties and thick chicks all through that city. Sooooo, maybe that salon owner needs to pack her shit and relocate.

That is why I’m calling women of every race who is over 200 lbs to visit that salon in Decatur and break all those bitches chairs. Get your feet all crusty and squat the fuck on them chairs and dare a bitch to tell you to move.

According to fat studies, discriminating against overweight, obese, fluffy, and big-boned people are grossly under-reported biases.

This incident is beyond insensitive, but to tell you the truth, I’ve been to Korea, and have spoken to some cool folk over there who keep it real on the perceptions that are spread in the country about African-Americans.
When I was in 18-years-old in Korea, a woman suggested that I could stand to lose some weight. I cringed but looked at her figure that was just nipples and an asshole and laughed. Perceptions of body beauty are definitely cultural.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some cool Koreans. But I also know how the pursuit of capital in this society will twist the worldviews of many. Ask the black folk who support the Arizona immigration bill.

Unfortunately, in the eye of many immigrant merchants, black Americans are mindless consumers who are trusted as far as their dollar hits the cashier’s hand.

On the flip side, that sister could stand to lose some pounds. Regardless if black folk like them thick or not. She was a little unhealthy. And I’m saying this becuase I love my sisters and we collectively need to work it out more.
Plus, the former patron prolly went there to get a cheap discount that exploited workers who sit in those toxic fumes all day. And I bet you a thousand dollars, she found another Korean owner who is talking more shit under her breath while she exfoliates the dead skin from her swollen feet.

Pay a little more money and go to a salon that respects you and your swollen ankles.

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