Pure F*ckery: Put Your Abortion on YouTube?!

I have seen so much fuckery on YouTube this week, that I’m starting to get a headache.  Matter of fact, I’ve already bought tickets on Virgin Galactic, only I don’t think we’re coming back.

Here’s the definition of TRIFLING: lacking in significance or solid worth: as a : frivolous b : trivial c chiefly dialect : lazy, shiftless .  The Urban Dictionary defines trifling as someone pathetic.  Enter AngieTheAntiTheist…

What a jewel of virtue! What class! What tact!

People are entitled to believe what they want, and they can share that, but they are also–if they are adults–going to have to deal with the consequences, whatever those might be, of spouting off just any old opinion. Abortion is one of those topics that can get you handed a new ass. I don’t usually speak on it, because most people don’t get my position anyway.

I am anti-abortion. I am also pro-choice. I highly discourage abortion. It is a saddening, heart-breaking, emotionally-jarring and unnatural procedure (I am speaking of it in context of not having to have it done for medical reasons, but just as an out because of an indiscretion). IF anyone tells you that there is ANYTHING pleasant about an abortion, they are lying, and they are being cruel. There is nothing pleasant about it. It is most traumatizing.

 However, I respect a woman’s GOD GIVEN right to make her own choices. Whether or not Angie believes in God, I believe that she will have to own up to those choices. We all do, either in this life, or in the next or both. It is not my business to tell you what to do with your body, so I won’t. With that said, I find this video to be the most tacky, disturbing, and heartless display of attention-whorism I have EVER seen in my entire life. I’ve seen dumb broads, racist people going off at the mouth anonymously, moronic guys humping poor, defenseless ottomans and pillows, but I have yet to be as offended as I am by this woman and this vile video.

I know what she is trying to do. I get it. I just don’t think she is the pperson to do it. I have yet to meet a woman who has not regretted her abortion, or speaks of it fondly. It is always something tragic to them. Some have spoken about it as casually as possible, but they always make mention of how draining and hurtful it has been to them. I am not trying to discourage it. I am just speaking honestly; candidly. Apparently this is a concept that is foreign to Angie. If you want to put videos out of you dancing to Beyonce in an ill-fitting leotard, by all means YouTube it up. If you want to post your most humiliating and crass moments on YouTube, then knock yourself out. Just ask SammyGurl. I’m all for laughing at you, or laughing with you.

It’s almost hypocritical how she seems to allude in other videos that people shove their beliefs down her throat, yet she shoves something that is MOST private down the throats of the general public. It is one thing to share your story, but a completely different thing when you choose to play it as something casual on YouTube. Where’s the love? Where’s the regard for her fellow human beings? She knows how YouTube works. She knows it will be distributed by those who agree or disagree. She doesn’t care. It’s not like she thought the video would hit a select few. She knew it was going to spread like wildfire, and she didn’t care.

 I understand that she mentions health issues, which is even more irresponsible, because we all understand that the debate on abortion mainly refers to aborting when the baby and the mother are both healthy, and in no danger. We may NEVER know what she’s really thinking either. YouTube is a big joke; and she doesn’t care about women who are struggling with the choice of whether or not to abort. She doesn’t care about the angst, that guilt that some women feel before and after. In an effort to garner attention, she misleads people into believing that an abortion is no different than eating a piece of cake, or walking in the park on Sunday afternoon.

 She is no different than that wickedly offensive harpy that sits outside the abortion clinic on occasion in the next town from where I live. She has more in common with the very people she condemns. False prophets aren’t just the ones who stand at expensive pulpits wearing expensive Rolex watches and gregarious, yet expensive, suits. I will not applaud her “bravery.” She is not being brave, she’s going for shock value. She wants validation and requires a reaction to temper her own feelings.

True bravery is speaking candidly about abortion, but realizing that it is a last resort, and real responsibility starts with protection (contraceptives AND condoms) and education. True bravery would’ve been her getting on camera and saying, “You have a choice and a right, and I believe it should stay that way. But instead of thinking of abortion as your savior, consider protecting yourself and respecting your temple by activating your mind to be discerning in which situations you put yourself in. Just know that you are not a villian. You are worthy of respect. You deserve to love yourself no matter what you’ve done, or what you’re thinking. You deserve to be happy, and not to have to agonize over this choice. Be true to yourself, and respect your temple, no matter the cost.”

So let me lead by example. I have had an abortion. I regret it. I would never do it again. It is the WORST decision I’ve ever made in my life, and I will always have a part of me that wonders what would’ve been. I realize that God has a plan. We’ve talked. He understands. I’ve been forgiven, but I am still working on forgiving myself. I’m a work in progress. While I hate that Mr. Slim and I felt compelled to make that choice (we instantly regretted it), I respect those who’ve made it possible for me to even have one.

I respect your right to choose. Just understand that it sucks. It’s not pretty. It’s most unpleasant, and you may be scarred for a long time; maybe for life. I will, however, always respect the fact that (I believe) God has given you a right to do what you wish, and I see my way out of that decision making. I just want to make sure you always have the right to MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION.