Little Known Black History : Harriet Tubman was a Freak! And the sexiest Abolitionist ever!

Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe; especially since all the pics of her reinforces that angry black woman stereotype. Judging from the picture above, either she took her work seriously, or had some pent up sexual frustrations. I mean who has time to think about sex when trying to help others escape the clutches of slavery, right? Surely even the female version of Moses, Harriett Tubman, had her urges, right? Yep, and how come nobody ever mentions her husband John Tubman, and where was he when she was out helping slaves?

No but seriously, could you imagine gettin’ your freak on on the Underground Railroad back in the day? Obviously it’s hard to conceive wrapping it up, or protecting yourself from HIV/AIDS when being chased by bloodhounds and slave catchers when you’re fresh off of gettin’ your ass beat for dozing off while picking cotton. Just the thought alone could serve well as a potential Viagra commercial. But then again, now that I think of it, maybe that’s why we have so many babies and unprotected sex as we do today.

Yep, we’s free now!